Living with Soul

enables you to create a happy and fulfilling life "today".


You yourself quote by BuddahJoylina inspires people all over the world to uncover and embrace their full potential.

This is achieved through soul coaching, on-line training courses, workshops, retreats, healing and of course psychic clairvoyant angel readings.

You too can create a happy and successful life "Living with Soul".

Living with Soul News

Be prepared for the Spring Exquinox on 20.3.16. Create Balance & Harmony and bring more Peace, Love & Harmony into your life today and everyday with this down-loadable guided meditation. At the Spring and Autumn Equinox’s the day and the night will be equal in both the north and the southern hemispheres.  So take advantage of this energy to heal and balance your chakras, creating harmony and balance in yourself and your life. This brings you to a place of peace and love within which you can share with those around you today and everyday. 
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