Why Distance Learning?

Most of us lead very busy lives juggling work, family and friends. It is not always possible to take time off at specific times to attend workshops, retreats and other types of training courses, which also tend to mount up and become very expensive. We would prefer to develop ourselves in our own time and at a price we can afford.

These fully supported, flexible distance-learning courses are available to you in your own home at times that suit you. This enables you to devote as much time as you have at times that suit you. Some people like to learn quickly some prefer to take their time. By learning this way YOU decide how YOU want to learn, how much time and money YOU wish to spend on your development.

All students have a their own tutor and all courses tutor exercises so you can check your progress. All courses are certificated and complete in themselves and count towards full diploma and therapist training. In most cases they can be done in any order that suits you.

Not everyone has constant access to the internet so although materials are sent to you via email so you can download them to your own computers and therefore do not need to be connected to the internet all all the time you are studying. Courses are fully supported by Joylina and you can telephone or email and have one to one Skype support whenever you wish. All courses include one free one-to-one skype session with your tutor.

Courses can be purchased in full (at discounted prices to save money) or as individual modules and lessons (to spread the cost).