About The Living with Soul School

In this section we discuss:

Benefits of Personal & Spiritual Development

Have you ever wondered about the meaning and purpose of life? Or perhaps you feel something is missing from your life and you feel dissatisfied without knowing why? Developing yourself both spiritually and personally with the Living with Soul School will help you unlock the answers to these questions and guide you towards a richer, happier more rewarding life, today.

We believe that everyone is born with a sixth sense, intuition, psychic ability, call it what you will and like every other muscle in the body if you don’t use it, we loose it. So if you want to develop your;

  • natural intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant and healing abilities;
  • learn to communicate with your higher self, spirit guides & angels;
  • experience less stress & anxiety and a greater sense of purpose;
  • raise your self-esteem and increase your confidence;
  • develop better communication skills and have more rewarding relationships;
  • thus creating a happier, richer, more rewarding life,

then you could do no better than taking one of a variety of Living with Soul School training courses which are suitable and open to all.

During our courses from free talks to professional diplomas you will learn many new skills such as: creative visualisation, meditation, enhanced psychic & intuitive abilities, reflection, sharing, ritual, as well as all sorts of tools and techniques to assist you to release your full potential in all areas of your life.

You will have your own personal tutor who is very experienced who’s aim is to help you raise both your personal vibration, so you can learn how to connect to your unconscious mind, your own higher self, your spirit guides, healing energies and angels, to enhance your life today and everyday. Everything you need for your on-going personal and spiritual development will be provided.


Over the years the founder of the Living with Soul School, Joylina Goodings, (who will be your personal tutor) has learned and qualified in many esoteric and personal development subjects and has a vast number of proven tools and techniques which she has been sharing with her students and clients for the past 20+ years through free talks, workshops, retreats, spiritual holidays and on-line training. Many of her students have gone on to become professional spiritual teachers and workshop leaders themselves.

She has dedicated her life to developing herself and others and has many years experience. As a young teen she coached and taught the younger members of her swimming club before she took the professional exams after which she coached voluntarily. Whilst working in professional services marketing sector she was responsible for the continuing personal and professional development of her marketing team and as a Strategic Marketing Consultant responsible for marketing training in an international consultancy firm. She was also one of the first Chartered Members of the Institute of Marketing.

As Esoteric Schools Director and Consultant Director of the British Astrological Society (BAPS) she was responsible for updating and improving their training courses and for the professional assessment process for Consultants thus improving the overall standards of Consultant Members of the Society. She is currently President of the Society.

Joylina is a Master NLP Practitioner and member of the Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming and a Time Line Therapist and member of the Time Line Therapy Association. She is a very experienced Reiki Master and Teacher of a number of different healing modalities whilst being a member of the UK Reiki Federation. She is a qualified bereavement counselor and trained in Integrative Psychosynthesis Counselling. She has taught all over the world as well as at the College of Psychic Studies in London. She is author of Eliminating loneliness, 10 Top Tips for Getting your Ex Back and Your Angel Journey a guide to releasing your inner angel, available at Amazon.co.uk.

Now with the Living with Soul School she has brought all her years of knowledge and professional experience together in one place to bring you the best training imaginable. She has created all the courses herself and they are constantly updated to include new knowledge and experience. With an ever increasing series of accessible, affordable, courses so everyone, whatever their circumstances and available time has the opportunity to learn and develop themselves.

As we all know learning is “life long” but how many times have you decided to do something but then found the Life gets in the way. Don’t worry with these courses you can be as flexible as you like and as your personal tutor Joylina will help you stay on track.

At the Living with Soul School we know everyone is unique and has different needs. We know everyone's focus is different and yet there are core skills that are essential to everyone whether you are focusing on Personal, Spiritual, or Psychic Development. Whether you are interested in understanding what makes you and others tick or whether you are interested in all things spiritual from Angels, Healing, Meditation, Spirit Guides, Tarot to Zen.

Everyone has their own preferred learning style, so although training is primarily distance learning, there will also be discounted workshops and in-depth retreats available to you.

All training is modular and can be mix and matched to suit your personal interests, needs, time and pocket.

We believe personal and spiritual development go hand in glove. You cannot do one without the other. If you focus on developing yourself psychically then you also develop spiritually and personally. If you focus on developing yourself personally you will also develop psychic and spiritual gifts.

Making it Simple

Joylina and the Living with Soul School believe in "Making it Simple" and therefore offer a wide range of fully certificated, interactive, flexible training courses, which can take you from absolute beginner to a being a professional healing therapist or spiritual consultant.

By combining all her gifts with her life experience Joylina has developed a series of training courses resulting in the Living with Soul School to bring you the most comprehensive training imaginable.

All of this experience is available to you with the Living with Soul School and Joylina as your personal tutor.

Courses can be purchased in full (at discounted prices to save money) or as individual modules (to spread the cost).

Whether you are just curious or already a professional therapist there will be something here for you. All courses are fully certificated and should you eventually wish to become a professional they will equip you to join professional organisations such as the British Astrological & Psychic Society, UK Reiki Federation, The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain amongst others and to gain professional insurance. We even have a course to help you set up your business as and when you are ready.


Well why not? You would not be reading this is you were not curious and wanting to develop yourself. But again perhaps you are curious and wonder why you are thinking and feeling like this right now. We are sensitive instruments. Our senses are geared unconsciously to read our environment. We have just forgotten how to use and listen to our senses. Like other muscles in the body if they are not exercised they become weak. Wild animals have finely tuned senses because for them it is life or death. They trust their senses and they ACT without questioning them. This is why no wild animals were killed in the 2004 Tsunami. These courses will enable you to exercise all your senses and learn to trust them.

We all go through various stages in life at different times and although Yogis, Sharmen and metaphysicians have been practicing and expressing their beliefs through the ages, it seems science has finally started proving what they have always believed.

Science shows us that we are all made of the same matter. The same matter that makes up our universe, our solar system, our planet and everything on it, including ourselves. Science tells us that everything is balanced and self regulating and James Lovelock’s “Gaia theory” seems to confirm this because we can see our planet regulating itself. Our planet is more than just a lump of rock in the solar system. It is a self-regulating living system itself just like our bodies are.

Science also tells us we influence the world around us with our thoughts and our feelings. Our individual thoughts and feelings make a difference to the reality of physical matter at a quantum level. This is not new. In 1909 British Physicist Geoffrey Ingrave Taylor discovered that the mere presence of consciousness affects the way quantum particles behave and therefore our individual consciousness affects the whole of creation. This was later repeated as the famous experiment where two physicists watched the same experiment and the one who expected to see a particle saw a particle and the other who expected to see a wave saw a wave, thus proving that our individual human consciousness affects our reality.

The work of Dr. Masaru Emoto on water and the power of human consciousness turning low negative energy water into positive energy water just with people focusing positive loving emotional energy on the water it changed from a dark dirty looking crystalline structure to beautiful clear crystals. Again showing that human consciousness affects the physical matter around us.

We are spiritual beings who have chosen to live in a human body, and as such it is our body is the instrument that our soul uses to communicate. It is our feelings and emotions that make us human. Which connect us to each other and the source of everything. It is often our E-motions that propel us forward. E- Motion. Energy in Motion gives us the energy to motivate ourselves and take action. For instance, the transformative power of anger, the “I’ll show you” factor, which motivates many into overcoming their fears.

Science has also shown our emotions affect our DNA. All matter is made of DNA and DNA has memory. Therefore seeing everyone and everything in the universe is made of matter and thus DNA everyone and everything is connected through it. In reality this goes a long way to proving Dr. David Bohm’s theory of the Holotropic universe. Which basically says that all knowledge is embedded in everything. This is why things like reflexology work. That the different areas of the foot, hand, and head can and do reflect the rest of the body and by massaging on part relief can be brought to the whole.

So as individual soul’s who are all part of the divine creative energy of the universe we are all part of “The One”. We are interconnected and therefore each and every individual’s thoughts and feelings can and does affect those around them. Our individual thoughts and feelings create our individual reality and our collective reality.

Rupert Sheldrake’s Formative Causation Theory, sometimes known as the Hundred Monkey syndrome, states that when a certain number of individuals in a group learn or experience something new, that when the point of morphic resonance is reached, i.e. a certain proportion, the knowledge will be passed to the collective consciousness of the whole group. For us the point of morphic resonance is often “when the time is right”.

According to Peter Russell there are 1010 molecules in a human neuron and 1010 neurons in the human neo-cortex. The current world population is 109 and rising. He believes when the world population reaches 1010 the parts will loose their individual identity, i.e. egos, and become components of the larger whole accepting and bringing group consciousness, unity and peace into our world.

In Dr. Stephen Hawkins latest book, he talks about infinitesimal multi-dimensions and multi-universes. As you develop yourself with these courses you will learn how to raise your vibrations to the 4 and 5th dimensions and above, to manage your energy field, to connect to your spirit guides, ascended masters, angels and the creator. You will not only gain the skills to create a better life for yourself and your loved ones but in so doing you will take your part in healing our world.

We all have the ability to change our own reality and thus that of our world. By choosing to expand your consciousness by developing yourself both spiritually and personally you can create a richer more fulfilling life for yourself, your loved ones and your fellow human beings because as we individually become happy we automatically create a happier, more peaceful and harmonious world for ourselves and everyone else. It is only by taking personal responsibility that anything can happen. Only you can do it by taking action and beginning the next stage of your spiritual development. So if you want to be happy today, tomorrow and everyday, take action. Whether you start with one of my training options such as free talks, workshops, retreats, spiritual holidays, supported distance learning courses or other courses with other people, beginning is what is important, so start NOW