How these courses work FAQ

In this section we cover the questions most frequently asked:

How these courses work

Based on Tutor-supported home study, incorporating audio, visual and written work, these in-depth courses will enable you to develop yourself both personally and spiritually. Everything in the universe is interconnected so the basic knowledge and skills apply to all forms of spiritual, personal development as well as automatically developing your intuitive and psychic skills. As you learn all the basic information, tools and techniques to develop yourself, then so you grow your self-awareness, your self-esteem and your confidence, enabling you to connect to your inner divine self and Live with Soul. These courses are designed to provide you with a general understanding of the overall subjects, and develop all the skills required. Whether you are just curious or whether you want to develop and become a professional there are courses and modules available to you.

Each student will have a personal tutor who is experienced in the subject being studied. They will be contactable via email, telephone and Skype and each course includes a free one to one, Skype or telephone tutorial to be taken whenever you wish.

We know that once you have made up your mind to do something you want probably want to get started straight away so the materials for the first lesson of every course is available, after purchase, for you to download immediately. After which each lesson will be emailed to you on completion of each lesson.

Which course if right for me?

This will depend very much on your particular interest and focus. Whether you are just interested and want to explore or whether you are working towards a particular qualification. You don’t need to make up your mind now because all the courses follow on from each other and can be mixed and matched.

With most courses we assume you have covered the “Fundamentals of Psychic & Spiritual Development” and have basic knowledge and skills of Meditation, Colour and The Body’s Energy System and how to manage it, i.e. Auras & Chakras. If not we suggest you start with this course. As the more advanced courses build on this.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss what would be best for you individually then please CONTACT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 07702 956 928

How long will it take to complete a course?

This will depend upon how much time you devote to the training. You work at your own pace in your own time and there is no time limit by which the course needs to be completed. Most courses comprise of 10 lessons and some lessons you will find easier than others. We do however suggest that you set aside a regular time so you can keep up the momentum. Whether it be an evening a week or a day a month is up to you. The Courses all have practical exercises, which will need to be practiced regularly. Most students complete each lesson within 2-4 weeks.

The Lessons

Each lesson is individual in itself. The theory should not take too long to complete but most lessons require you to do on-going practice exercises. The time necessary to do the tutor exercises will depend on your own individual ability to complete the exercises at the end of each lesson. Keeping records of your experiences with the practice exercises will make this much quicker and easier to do. Always try to complete an exercise from start to finish at one sitting, rather than breaking off in the middle. This retains continuity as well as giving you a greater sense of achievement. If you feel you are struggling with a particular exercise then contact your tutor they will be able to help you.


Some exercises are included as you progress through each lesson. At the end of each lesson are a variety of tutor exercises, These exercises are not tests, they are designed to help you reinforce and/or expand on the ideas in the lesson.

All your tutor needs are short 'essays' which serve three purposes:

      1. so you can demonstrate you have absorbed and properly understood the lesson,
      2. you have the opportunity to address any misconceptions before going forward and
      3. these exercises form an integral part of the certification and accreditation process. If you find it easier, you can record these tutor exercises rather than write them.

When you have done the tutor exercise please email a copy of your work to your tutor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., who will review it and return it back to you with her comments and the materials for your next lesson, as soon as possible. Please quote the lesson title and the question at the start of your answer.

How much does it Cost?

Each course is broken down into a number of different lessons all of which form an intrinsic part of the whole. Courses can be purchased in full via paypal, debit, credit card. Each course is individually priced.

How to get the most from the Courses

Set yourself targets

Keeping on track can sometimes be very difficult in our busy world and often “life” gets in the way. Set yourself achievable targets and stick to them. For instance, completing a lesson a week or month. At the end of the first one, give yourself a reward for completing it and the exercises! Then at the end of the second week or month if you have fought against the odds, through constant interruptions from outsiders, work, family, or through poor health, or what-have-you, give yourself an extra reward. Keeping up momentum is important and if you notice yourself flagging, ask yourself what is stopping you, have you reached one of your own unconscious barriers? Are you making excuses and if so what? If and when you reach a point where you are not keeping up the momentum this could well be the time to use some or all of your free one to one session with your tutor.

Reward Yourself

We all benefit from receiving a reward for our achievements. Once you have completed this course you will receive a certificate from the Living with Soul School and you will qualify to enroll in whichever specialism you wish. But, as you progress with your learning, a simple reward at each stage will often inspire you to greater things! It can be something quite simple: such as a walk in the countryside, a chance to listen to some music, a candlelit bath or a visit to a friend, or even a bit of pampering at your local beauty shop. Set yourself goals and when you achieve them treat yourself with whatever makes you feel good.

Items you will need

An Open Mind

Personal and Spiritual development is not an exact science and there are many ways to develop yourself. We shall cover many of them. We ask you to keep an open mind and to let go of any preconceptions you may hold. If the subject matter resonates with you, accept it, if not, contact your tutor.

A Notebook

A notebook and writing implements should be kept with you whenever you are working or practicing. Any notebook will do but we recommend a ring binder, which will allow ease of expansion. As you go through any course, write down what you have learnt in you own words as this has been proven to aid understanding and retention.

Recording Device

If you are focusing on any of the Psychic Development Courses we recommend you get used to using some form of recording device, preferably digital, which can create mp3 or 4 files. Most computers and “smart” phones have free software already on them, which will allow you to record, email and duplicate your practice sessions and readings. This will save you time and effort when doing the lessons and tutor exercises and is a more reliable method of keeping accurate records of all your experiences. It also allows interaction with clients and is essential for your final assessment.

Thirdly, if you ever intend to read commercially, clients will expect to receive a recording of their reading. Even if you currently have no intention of reading professionally, many students have changed their minds in the future so the more experienced you are with the use of this media the better.

Recordings not only form a part of your final assessment they are also a very important and useful tool in your learning and development, so it is important to start now and become familiar with making recordings. It will also easily enable you to give a copy to your sitter, keep a copy for yourself to learn from and to submit copies to your tutor to enable them to assist you in greater depth.

If you have no knowledge of how to do this then please contact Joylina at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will go through it with you.

Further Study

There is a multitude of reference material available in the form of the Internet, magazines and other books covering each subject matter. Although these courses are very comprehensive the more you broaden your knowledge and form your own opinions the easier you will find it. When using other resources please reference them in any of your Tutor Exercises.

Practice Makes Perfect

There is no doubt that practice makes perfect. It is a very important aspect of learning. The further through the course you get, the more confidence you will gain. That's the time to start putting some of what you have learned into practice. Start with simple readings just using the information in each lesson. Each time you do a reading, whether it be for your own benefit or for the benefit of another, keep detailed notes of what you actually do, of what you see, of what you feel, and of what you say. This is where recording is particularly useful.

Working with others

Eventually as you develop through these courses you will need to practice on others. This is a very important part of your development. You can do so much on your own but eventually you need to practice on other people. It is also more fun. Initially this will probably be family and friends. In fact this is more difficult than with strangers. The main problem being that you already know too much about family and close friends. The best way is to ask a friend to bring a friend that you don’t know very well.

Some people like to learn quickly some prefer to take their time. By learning this way YOU decide how YOU want to learn, how much time and money YOU wish to spend on your development. All students have a tutor and all courses have quick quizzes and optional tutor exercises so you can check your progress. All courses are certificated and complete in themselves and count towards full diploma and therapist training.