Your personal and spiritual development.

Have you have ever wondered about the meaning and purpose of life, or perhaps have felt something was missing or you have felt dissatisfied without knowing why? Perhaps you are curious and want to discover how Psychic you are?

If so explore the variety of courses offered by Joylina and the Living with Soul School, they will help you unlock the answers to these questions and guide you towards a richer, more fulfilling and happier life.

Joylina has been studying and teaching since 1998 and is qualified in many esoteric and personal development subjects. She has been sharing her knowledge and experience for the past 20+ years through free talks, readings, one 2 one coaching, workshops, retreats, spiritual holidays and on-line training.

Now with the Living with Soul School she has brought all her years of knowledge and professional experience together in one place for you to share. With an ever increasing series of accessible, affordable, courses so everyone, whatever their circumstances and available time has the opportunity to learn and develop themselves. Whether you are just curious or want to become a professional there is something for you. Whether you want to learn 1-2-1, alone or in a group there are options available for you.

Joylina has a gift for making things simple.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough

Albert Einstein

So browse the training menu and available courses or contact her today

Training Testimonial:

Thank you so much for my Reiki I course. I found it very easy to follow and have not needed to contact you with questions but it was reassuring to know I could. I was never sure it would work and was amazed at what I experienced. I really felt the energy flowing. I was never sure I would be able to do it without being personally present but I have been amazed at the results. I will definitely be going on to Level 2.

AN. Italy.

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