Intuitive Cards Part I (Intermediate)

Intuitive Cards Part I (Intermediate)

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A variety of different types of cards have been used over the centuries and in different parts of the world, for Divination purposes. Tarot being the most famous and the most complicated. By the end of this course you will be able to intuitively read the cards and do readings for yourself, family and friends.

This Intuitive Card Training recaps and builds upon the skills learned in the Fundamentals of Psychic & Spiritual Development Course and enables everyone to develop their abilities to read cards intuitively by being able to use a variety of different sets of cards.

So if you want to develop and use your psychic and intuitive gifts, as well as learning how to give readings, for fun or professionally, using any one of the many different sets of oracle cards available, including the Tarot, then this is the course for you.

Unlike Tarot, where some people memorise individual meanings of cards, Intuitive Card readings rely upon the psychic and intuitive ability of the reader, which is developed over time. Thus this course is about psychic development as well as the practical aspect of learning how to read any set of cards, from normal playing cards to tarot and all the other oracle decks in between.

A set of Psycards will be provided for initial training purposes. In Part II we will venture into many other types of decks some of which you may choose yourself.

For full details of course contents please see here.