Connecting to your Spirit Guides and Angels (Tuning In)

Connecting to your Spirit Guides and Angels (Tuning In)

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Downloadable, easy to follow, meditations which will enable you to raise your vibrations from the 3rd dimension of the physical world, through the 4th dimension to connect to your Spirit Guides and loved ones, and again up into the 5th dimension to meet your Guardian Angel and Archangel Michael and experience their energies for yourself.

The first track is an introduction explaining how everything works and is accompanied by a PDF file which gives you further background information and instructions. Followed by 4 guided meditations to aid your Spiritual and Personal Development. Combined they will give you all the tools you need to connect to your Spirit Guides, loved ones and Angels yourself. They will assist you in identifying your Life's/Soul’s Purpose as well as helping you let go of anything that is holding you back.

These meditations take you on a number of special journeys. Initially they should be done individually as they build upon each other. Practice the first a few times before going onto the next etc. The more you use your imagination the more you will get out of these meditations. They can also be used again and again as you will always receive new information.

Chakra Meditation

This meditation will take you through your body's energy system, teaching you how to open, close and balance your chakras whilst protecting yourself.

Connecting to your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones - The Dolphin Journey

This visualisation will take you on a journey to a special island by way of the dolphins where you will bring down into your body the 4th dimensional chakras thus raising your vibrations. You then travel to the 4th dimension to meet your spirit guide and loved ones. Your spirit guide will be able to give you information about your life, what you need to do next along your life's path.

Connecting to your Guardian Angel

This journey will take you to meet your Guardian Angel at the 5th dimension. You will bring down the 5th dimensional chakras into your body, thus raising your vibrations to the 5th dimensions. You will then go up into the universe and join the universal matrix of all that is. You will meet your Guardian Angel and receive healing. You will also be given information to help you to identify your soul's purpose as well as what is holding you back in this lifetime that you may need to cut away from in the next meditation.

Cutting the Cords with Archangel Michael

The final meditation will take you across the universe to the temple of Archangel Michael where you can resolve any issues, cut any lower vibrational cords that are binding you to people, places, emotions, events in your past, present and past lives. You can repair relationships or cut them away completely whichever you wish.