Remote Readings
Remote Readings

All readings are done personally by Joylina Goodings, a genuine psychic clairvoyant and President of the British Astrological & Psychic Society, who is much in demand. These readings are called Remote Readings because Joylina does them in her own time, in order of receipt. They are slightly cheaper than having a personal appointment (which are limited in number) and are just as accurate.

For these psychic, clairvoyant, angel and soul readings you will need to complete a short form giving your name, date of birth, questions and names, dates of birth and relationship to you of any other energies you are enquiring about.

If you would prefer a personal consultation via telephone or Skype at an extra £10 per reading please contact .

Remote Angel Reading

Remote Angel Reading

GBP £60.00
* Your Full Name:

* Your Date of Birth:

* Your Country of Origin:

Your Questions:

Details of significant others - Names, Date of Birth, Relationship to you:

This reading includes the Soul Reading above and looks at the bigger picture of your soul's journey through this and past lives. It uncovers the issues you are here to face, what you need to do and how the angels are helping you.

This reading puts your whole life into perspective and gives you loving guidance and healing energy on your way forward. You can also ask questions about the more usual area so of your life such as love, career, relationships, family, finances, health, etc. Joylina channels the information directly from the angels so it is a very in-depth reading.

For this reading Joylina will need your name, date of birth and country of origin. (please be sure to enter this information into the form above).

All readings will be done in order of receipt. Joylina will endeavour to respond to you within five working days but may take longer if she is away. *Please note, readings are for guidance purposes only. You create your future by the choices you make. Joylina’s consultations will leave you feeling uplifted and confident (just take a look what her clients say). You will be able to create the future you want. All personal readings are conducted by Joylina and are about depth and content, so that you get the most out of your time with the angels.