Poetry for the Soul Time Passes

As our busy week comes to an end and we prepare for our even busier weekends, let us take a moments repose in our busy lives, before time passes us by on this gloriously sunny autumn day. 

Time passes,
Do we notice,
The birds the bees and the sycamore trees,
Do we watch and feel the joy,
Or do we busy ourselves with more,
The time will come, when I am gone,
Who will watch the trees live on?

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Living with Soul News


A Numerological Review of the last 10 years and what it means for us in 2016

Welcome to 2016, which numerologically is going to be a 9 year for everyone.  Amongst the fanfair and fireworks, what are your new-year resolutions going to be?  Maybe this numerological review of the last few years will help you decide.

Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. As well as determining aspects of your personality and life purpose from the analysis of your birthdate, together with the encoded numbers in the letters of your name, it is also a science attributing meaning and significance to what could appear as random numbers observed in your environment and/or happening globally. Digits of higher numbers are added together until a single digit is reached. 

The last 10 years

2007 was a 9 year and on 9th September 2007 we had a 999. This year we are also approaching a 999 on the 9th September 2016 so what energies have been available to us and how did they affect you individually and thus collectively?

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