Soul Rescue, Etheric Cord Cutting & Space Clearing

On this workshop you will learn about what keeps spirits earthbound and simple techniques on how to release them. How to cut any of your Etheric Cords from this and past lifetimes. How to remove spirit attachments and clear your space.

You will learn simple techniques of how to clear spaces of spirits and geopathic stress. You will learn how to remove all negativity from this and past lives and cut all etheric cords, balance all the higher chakras, thus getting closer to our divine selves.

So are you fearful of commitment? Is a lost love stopping you trusting new loves?  Do you feel 'not good enough'? Do you unconsciously undermine your own success?  Do you feel you are not all of yourself? If so you have some soul fragments and cords. The cords can be cut not just in this lifetime but also across time and past lives. In this workshop you will learn how to free yourself from the past, discover and re-integrate those soul fragments, that have been cut off , connect to your higher self and free yourself to connect to your life’s purpose.

Do you feel you have a spirit attachment, learn how to remove it from yourself and others.  Or perhaps you feel there is a spirit in your home, learn how to release them simply, easily and safely. 

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Living with Soul News

Be prepared for the Spring Exquinox on 20.3.16. Create Balance & Harmony and bring more Peace, Love & Harmony into your life today and everyday with this down-loadable guided meditation. At the Spring and Autumn Equinox’s the day and the night will be equal in both the north and the southern hemispheres.  So take advantage of this energy to heal and balance your chakras, creating harmony and balance in yourself and your life. This brings you to a place of peace and love within which you can share with those around you today and everyday. 
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