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Susannah Little
So pleased with my reading today at Kempton. Have just listened to recording again, lotsa loud music and stuff in background but it was very significant to my life right now, and feel things are happening just now to keep me "on track". Thanx for a brilliant reading x
The best reading I have ever had, spot on
It was terrific. Best reading I have ever had.
Dear Joylina, I have just listened to my reading and I am blown away, that is exactly how I feel and where I am coming from, I am a therapist and I am training so that I can teach my therapies, but inside I really want to inspire people so they can change their lives, which is what you said, and I have found it very difficult to live in this material driven physical world, but I feel that I am growing into who I want to be in this physical experience . Thank you so much, wishing you love, health and happiness. Honor
Hello Joylina, please feel free to use my comments, it felt like looking in a mirror, if you know what I mean.
I find speaking with you gives me the confidence and guidance I so require at this present time in my life. I woke up this morning feeling more confident about myself, thank you.
Joylina. So many thanks for bringing to me such a wondrous Trance Angel Reading. It is of immense encouragement. I wish you well in your life journey. Love and Blessings
Dear Joylina, I just wanted to tell you - THANK YOU!!!!!! I had a reading with you at MBS in London last year and you told me I was a natural healer and should do something about it, do reiki course or something like that. It had never crossed my mind before to do something like that and must admit when you said it to me I just thought 'yeh whatever...not something i wanna do, i have other plans'... Well, let me tell you...I did a reiki course with you last August and can't tell you how much my life has changed since.

You put me on the right path and I thank you for it! I'm not going to bore you with too many details, but the change has been very gentle, challenging at times, but it has improved my life immensely. I feel, very strongly, I have a purpose in life which will benefit many people and I am guided daily to take the right steps towards that purpose. I believe that reiki has helped me to open up to and be able to listen and hear the guidance. I have realised that all energy healing has the same source and I call it 'love'. The highest, the purest, the strongest healing energy is LOVE. And I start reiki with words 'let the love flow'. Thank you Joylina!
Thank you very much, dear Joylina. This is very helpful...was actually on the road today travelling from California to Virginia....heard it this morning and could feel like blades of glass in my heart as the energies start to flow.Thank you so much. Love and Light.
Hi Joylina, A quick note to thank you for the trance channeling reading that you have done for me. If you remember I had one such reading done a year ago or so, and a more recent one. What is amazing is the continuity of the messages though a year has passed. The subject of my question was also different but the Angel that I requested you to connect to picked up the reading from where it was left off at the original reading. As you know, I myself work in this field and I am very selective as to whom I contact for guidance but I feel that I can implicitly trust the messages and guidance received through your trance channeling...continue the good work and no doubt I will be in touch in time to come for further guidance from the Angels. Regards
Joylina, I have just finished listening to my trance reading and I am sheer shock. Pure amazement. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I have started a counselling course and you knew all about that and that it is the right path for me. Also what you said about my marriage made perfect sense. I would love to be able to have your gift and be so in touch with the angels. Pure amazement. thank you so much you have totally inspired me. Love and light
Hi Joylina, an excellent reading which feels very right and has helped me understand myself and my situation with much more clarity! I feel much more positive and focussed from it, the past lives make so much sense too and you have answered some long misunderstood questions that I never understood about myself. Can't thank you enough! Blessings.
Dear Joylina, thank you so much for the reading.. I felt very uplifted by it, and am starting to feel the first glimmer of restoring myself through it! You have given some excellent and solid advice which I will take up. I do really feel you had a good sense of me and my ex. You did in fact get his energy spot on. I'm feeling so much better today, and already I feel the cloud i've been carrying around is lifting and I feel much lighter.I will certainly go on to purchase another reading. You're an angel, thank you!
Well, they say the best things in life are worth waiting for... That is palpably true regarding my reading from Joylina! I am not usuallly stuck for words, but I am finding it hard to capture my sense of gratitude and amazement. While listening to Joylina's Gold Reading, I felt that she had known me for years, which felt bizarre yet simultaneously enthralling. Her sensitivity, compassion and incredible accuracy are, quite simply, awesome. I recommend Joylina without hestitation and am very much looking forward to sharing my news about her gift with friends. Thank you, Joylina.
Hi Joylina You gave me a reading a week ago and I have listened to it several times. Each time it gives me much comfort and has really made me think clearly. I don't suppose you remember the reading but it makes a warm glow to my stomach, making my life a bit more bearable. My husband left a few weeks ago and I felt sick with shock but your reading put everything into proportion. All I can say is a big thanks for your advice and support, and also the healing you said you would send to me, God Bless you.
Hi Joylina, thank you very much for the reading. I met you in January of this year and many of the things you spoke about have already come true and the advice you gave me has been very valuable in helping me move forward. The reading you did for me today makes complete sense in terms of my current relationship particularly around the communication area and the way you described Mark. It has helped me to think more positively about the relationship and more importantly to enjoy it. Many thanks.
A Reader
Dear Joylina - I asked the angels to give me an explanation with regards to a relationship dilemna and in your Ask the Angels column it was given so thank you for the clarity of the message. I am now away or what makes me happy and am becoming to person I was born to be.
I heard you on Passion radio. Thank you for the help and healing you offer so many people. The world needs more people who are in touch with the angels.
Hi Joylina - I am not sure if you remember me or not, but I came to see you a few years ago for some healing and you told me that I would not always work in the City and that I would one day work for myself, which is what I had wanted for a long long time. Last year I became ill in my City job of 25 years and decided that it was time to make the shift and I wrote my first book "Awakenings". There are a few people whom have touched my life along the way, but, I would just like to say a big thank you for the help that you gave me in those few moments of healing and inspirational guidance.
Dear Joylina, I just wanted to say thank you for your help you gave me in April! Things actually did turn out as you said. You were talking about money in April, and I did receive a bonus at work. Also the new job opportunity came along…And I am doing a much more rewarding job and actually something I always wanted to do! And I moved house a few weeks ago as well… I can’t believe how precise you were with the dates! And the new man you were talking about, I think I met him too… Well, thank you very much again!!
Hi Joylina. You very kindly did an email reading for me via Psychic Interactive last week (my wife Emma left me, taking our baby and has ended up with Bill, her best friends partner). I have to say that your reading has changed my life! (and boy did it need changing!!) I have adopted all your suggestions and I have had a good think about (and have put into action) the sort of person I want to and need to be. I purchased your CD and have played sections 1 & 2 a few times today. I can't quite visualise section 1 yet, but I loved the dolphin spiritual guide part. I could not put a face or a name to my guide and I cried my eyes out when visualising my loved ones (sorry!). I would love to learn more if you can help me? You are a very wonderful lady, thank you.
Love, Light & Angel Wings.
Now I have about 10 readers registered in Psychic Door. To tell you the truth, not all of them are as good as you. One of them is a very famous psychic in Japan who appears on TV as a psychic detective. I truly think you are the best of all. I love what you write. They are lovely and how shall I put it, I can feel love between your sentences. That is the reason why I ask you to collaborate with me. Thank you for the love you put into your readings.
Thank you for your help Joylina, your reading lifted my day! Love and Light
Thank you for the past life reading. It really validates what I already thought, however, you gave me much more information and I really do appreciate it. I can't praise you enough for the work you do and the readings that you have done for me. You have helped me so much on my journey as I put the pieces of the puzzle together. Thank you so very much. I also intend to purchase the essences as they felt so powerful.
Just a personal thank you. You were absolutely spot on & thank you so much! Much appreciated
Dear Joylina, just a note to say that you were right, in your reading last week you told me a girl from my past would be coming back this week and i have seen 2 ex girlfriends you are very true, thankyou it is a comfort in my life to know that my path from the lord is there to follow. You have helped me find my path, thankyou. Bst Rgrds

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