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Angel Testimonials

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I just wanted to thank you for the Your Angel Journey Message Cards - they bring me such comfort and are always so appropriate. They are wonderful.
Alison Eyre
Joylina your openness and practicality has turned well-tested methodologies into a journey that each of us can make truly personal, allowing us to open doors and walk through with confidence. Thank you so much. Alison Eyre, International Head Hunter & Healer
Jennifer Taylor
Joylina this book is perfect for the person who has a spiritual calling and would like an explanation of the path of Angels to help them discover and achieve self-enlightenment in a down to earth and friendly way. It is explained well with personal encounters that make the reader feel comfortable. Having personal experiences intermingled with the spiritual makes you feel secure and it leads you onward to explore "...to journey". The factual side is laid out well and you tend to "travel" through the book. I have found it inspirational, thank you.
Angela McGerr
An enjoyable, comprehensive and heartfelt guide to working with angels" - Angela McGerr author of many angel cards and books
Anne Jones
Your Angel Journey - "A great book to guide you through your healing journey with the help of angels. ... Joylina guides us gently to know ourselves better and understand the reasons why we feel unwell, unsure and unloved. She shows us how to fly with the angels and how to use their amazing love and wisdom to reach love, & joy. Anne Jones - International Workshop Leader & Author
Jacky Newcomb
This simple, easy-to-follow, and very human book leads you on your very own 'angel journey'. Joylina is a true emissary of the light.

Jacky Newcomb aka 'The Angel Lady', Award Winning, Sunday Times best selling author and Paranormal Experiences Expert
Thank you soooo much Joylina, I was looking for an meditation that would match the day and yours is just perfect!!! Thank you for answering my wish... Lots of Love.
I have just received and listened to the reading you have done for me. Thank you so much for your guidance and it has made me feel better. You have such a kind and gentle voice and I feel more relaxed about my future and the little addition about a new relationship that will be secure is very reassuring. Thank you so much. with kindest regards. Love and light
Hi, its Amber... I love your meditation! Beautiful .. thankyou !!!
blessings for all you do.
Thank you so much for the Divine Love Spray & Soulful Relationship Course. They could not have come at a better time in my life. I was guided to purchase the set and the free spray wasn't a bad motivator as well.... When I saw FREE, that got my attention and now I understand why. After only one use of the spray and meditation, the energy shifted and guess what? My husband cooked breakfast the very next morning after working a long late night shift. I was completely floored because it was so unexpected. He does cook from time to time, but not after working late. I was amazed. He even said that he's going to continue to do so and he is! I'm so grateful. And of course, this goes beyond him cooking breakfast, it's as if we've connected on a much deeper level now. A level that I can't describe and it wasn't like this before. I know that it's because of your Divine Love Spray & Soulful Relationship Course. As soon as I made the purchase, energy started shifting to prepare me for these wonderful gifts that I'm now receiving. I thank God and I thank you for being the loving light that you are.

Thank you so much for providing the world with such amazing, invaluable, every day, easy to use divine tools. May God continue to richly and abundantly bless you! I love you!
Thank you Joylina for your wonderful trance reading I've only had one channeling before, back in 1998, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Also, you know me quite well after all the readings I have with you, and I wasn't sure whether that would influence the channeling. With both Angels that came through I could hear your voice but it wasn't your voice, if you know what I meant and there was no hint of the words you usually use. What was said resonated, and of course, was reassuring, but more .. several of the phrases were identical to those in the channeling of 1998. I couldn't visualize during the meditation. For the last couple of years I've found it difficult to visualise, but it was more than that. I'd started releasing during the soul speak. It continued into the meditation and brought tears, always a relief . I had the best sleep I've had in months and woke refreshed and positive. I really hope you do many of these it was so helpful. Thank you.
Dear Joylina, Thank you for the message. I have listened twice now. I had told the Angels that it didn't matter who spoke to me, however, I did ask for Archangel Michael, and I was delighted and touched that Archangel Michael was the one who spoke to me. I appreciate and am grateful for what he told me....... comforting, informative, and confirmed what I had sensed myself. I had asked for guidance and for reassurance and that is what he gave me. Thank you I am very grateful. I live in the U.S so I would love to do a live channelling one day on SKYPE. I will be in touch. Again, thank you, Joylina. I am so grateful. with love
Hi joylina thank you so much. That trance reading was fab! Feel much better. Metatron was exactly right, I know I worry to much and should just be more as he said at the end. Also he picked up on something I have been wondering about over last few weeks and he gave me the guidance of what I should do next which is wonderful. I feel so much better about everything but I still find it hard. But I realise as I write this that this is a judgement and therefore my ego! Many thanks again to you and Metatron
Thank you for a wonderful angel workshop. It was extremely gentle and supportive and surprisingly extremely deep. There were issues that were very challenging and painful and you handled them in a sensitive, kind and professional manner that allowed transformation to take place at a profound level. It facilitated deep and profound experiences, which I am still enjoying. I hope to continue to nurture this transformation and joy. The sunshine has come out inside me. I am celebrating, rejoicing and dancing inside. Thank you!

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