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Hi again Joylina. The first night I asked for the healing it was quite strange...I was really trying to concentrate and I saw myself being surrounded by pink ribbons that were blowing down me - almost like I was in an upside down wind tunnel! Then quiet clearly I heard a voice (I think female) say "we are proud of you". I didn't notice anything the nights after but then something awful happened in my personal life and I had a wretched few days. I thought I would feel wretched for much longer but have felt very calm for the past nearly two weeks now. I can't explain why - I really can't. I received terrible news. So it looks like it's working! Thank you very very much.
South America
Hi Joylina, I wanted to write to you long time ago, because I had an special experiencie with you a couple of weeks ago. I saw you in my dream. You sat beside me in my bed and I could see your angelical face smiling at me. When I woke up, I said to myself "wow, joylina visited me in my dreams!! "I think that there is a connection in the spiritual world that we hardly can understand. I suffered a lot and I think that during my suffering you came energetically to cheer me up!! (I've seen your picture on your web page) So thank you very much!! Bye.
Hi Joylina, I have had both a reading and healing with you before. My experience of the healing was extraordinary to the point where i wasn't sure if i had imagined it as a dream. Basically, i lay in bed and asked for the healing. I then experienced some presence above me in the shape of a spotted cloth- this made me laugh and i was not scared. this cloth (don't know how else to describe it!) then sped towards me and i was filled with such an amazing feeling of well being- the cliched white light as well. it was so momentous that i wasn't sure if this was happening in reality or a dream. the next thing i knew was waking up!! Anyway, thank you for that- i will be booking another reading soon. when do you do face to face ones?
Dear Joylina. Thank you so much for your time and expertise during your stay with us in California. When you came we were on the point of divorce and now 6 months on we are renewing our vows and it is all down to you. You really helped us in more ways than you can possibly realise. We both now understand and communicate with ourselves as well as each other so much more honestly and our relationship has gone from strength to strength. You helped us both in seeing things differently. Both the individual sessions you gave us and the joint sessions have helped us all. Amazing what can be achieved in 5 days of therapy. I still can't believe the experiences I had with you while you were here. Thank you so much for your support, guidance and love.
Thank you for being there when I was in such pain and for keeping going with the distance healing. My back is improving daily. Although the first session didn’t reduce the pain, it did give me a lovely sense of calm and since then the discomfort in my lower back has been easing. I can walk much more easily and am able to sleep without discomfort. Now it’s now only when I’ve been sitting for a while that it stiffens up but it’s not taking as long for me to get straight. A far cry from just a few days ago when I had to lift my legs into place to be able to move at all. I’d been thinking about what you’d said and on Monday evening things (understanding) ‘clicked into place’. I realised that I need to take control of my life, which is what I’m doing, and I now feel much better about my future. I’m sure my back will now heal completely. Thank you again.
There are a few people whom have touched my life along the way, but, I would just like to say a big thank you for the help that you gave me in those few moments of healing and inspirational guidance.
Miss H.M
Thank you so much for continuing to send distant healing to my beloved cat, Bradley. As you know, he was diagnosed with an inoperable cancer on his nose at the beginning of December 2008. The vet said then that it was advanced and aggressive and gave him at most six months to live. When I took him for a check-up a month ago, however, the vet was amazed to see that not only was he still active and happy, with bright eyes and a glossy coat, but also there were no obvious signs of the cancer having spread beyond his nose. He’d also put some weight on and looked much better than he’d done in December – and the vet had to admit that, if it wasn’t for the scab on his nose, you wouldn’t think there was anything wrong with him… I’m sure this is all thanks to the love and healing, kind thoughts and prayers that have been sent his way over the last few months and, although he is still a cat with cancer, he continues to do well and I look on every day I have with him as a wonderful bonus.
Last year I became ill in my City job of 25 years and decided that it was time to make the shift and I wrote my first book "Awakenings".
JT Loughton
Just to let you know October 2006 my Mum Doris was given 3-4 weeks to live and I wanted to let you know she still doing very well. She is up and around again much to the doctors surprise. Please keep sending her healing it is doing her the world of good" JT December 2007 Update - to let you know she just celebrated her 90th birthday with her twin sister - October 2008 and we are looking forward to another Christmas. JT Loughton, Essex Doris is still going strong July 2009 - Doris passed on peacefully February 2010 with her family around her 3 1/2 years after the doctors gave her 2-3 weeks
Hi Joylina - I am not sure if you remember me or not, but I came to see you a few years ago for some healing and you told me that I would not always work in the City and that I would one day work for myself, which is what I had wanted for a long long time.
Homer and Hazel
Dear Joylina, I thought I'd write and let you know that Homer's doing very well, In fact, I can hardly believe the change in him. Before Christmas, he was starting to look (and act) a bit old and miserable, not wanting to play or go out much. He was also going a bit thin - he's always been a very lean cat, but at that time I could feel his backbone and his ribs through his fur...

Now, however, he's put the weight back on and, when he's not asleep, he's full of miscief again, playing and chasing round with our other cat, Marly, going out ot visit his various friends and lounging round in the sun (on those rare occasions it shines!). He's also got his appetite back and is interested in what's going on again.

Most amazingly of all, however, is that his miaow is coming back. (I don't think I ever told you, but he was so upset when Bradly went that his miaow disappeared completely, even though he'd always been a very vocal cat. He could still make other noises, but all his miaows were silent ones.) Over the last month or so, however, he's started to miaow again and, althoguh it's still a bit thin and reedy, it's definitely a miaow!

So, many thanks again from both of us for the healing thoughts you're sending him. We really do appreciate it - and I had a lovely letter from Haven House, thanking me for the donation I sent them (which I told them was being sent in thanks for the healing you'd sent to Homer).

With love and all best wishes.
Thank you for today. All my pains (and pain) have gone.

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