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Essences, Oils & Sprays

Essences, Oils and Sprays
Essences, Oils & Sprays

In recent years there has been a huge revival in the use of ancient knowledge in complimentary therapies. The use of essential aromatherapy oils, flower and crystal essences and have an ancient history.

Joylina first took an interest in Aromatherapy Oils in the early 1970’s by blending oils as perfumes for herself and friends. During this time she discovered much about the healing properties of different oils and has been working with them in this capacity ever since.

In the early 1990’s she discovered the power of Crystal and Flower Essences to gently remove physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages from this and past lives. Over the years she has proven to herself and her clients the value of these powerful healing products.

Joylina makes all her own essences from crystals she has collected from her travels around the world. Flower essences are made from plants in her garden and the local area. They are steeped in water from Glastonbury Chalice Well, Taktshang-goemba (Tiger's Nest Monastery) Bhutan, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, St. Lazarus Fountain Cyprus, and water from a 4000 spa from Avalon in France. They are made under Angelic guidance and the energies are preserved in spirit.

All Essences & Sprays are created individually to order so they are always fresh. To this end she offers a range of different individual and blended healing Essences, Oils and Sprays to help you on your spiritual journey.

Although you can purchase individual essences for specific issues, she has found that blending them together not only makes them easier to carry and take, it greatly increases their potency. The most powerful of which are the “Especially for You” range which are blended under angelic guidance for your individual energy signature.

All Oils are supplied in 10ml bottles and all Essences and Sprays are supplied in 30ml bottles.

See what people have to say about these life-enhancing products.

Just a quickie to say I can't thank-you enough for the personalised essence, I feel that I have since taking them come on quite literally in leaps and bounds, and with the angel wings deep in my heart I feel as though I am ready to quite literally fly; fly 'free', as many of my old beliefs and sabotaging thoughts have literally been cleared out, washed away into thin air.!! I feel more abundant and in touch with the universe and more open to receive more joy, so thank you 'Joylina you have certainly bought me more 'joy' if you'll pardon the pun!! Many thanks once again. I will be in touch soon as I would possibly like to order another bottle, once this one has finished as they have helped me go deep within myself and want to keep going with new mantra 'the deeper I go the more my life can flow' many thanks for your divine assistance, it is much appreciated.
I have found this product to have helped me so much in the past 6 months it has increased my intuition, helped find my life purpose and help to release old blocks from previous lives helping my heart chakra to open fully, it has helped me to adjust to the new energies coming down to earth and has helped me make great progress in the start of my own ascension process, thank you so much Joylina xx
Yvonne Watson
Just a quickie to let you know that the drops really are great and once again they seem to be working there magic on me and in particular my procrastination!! I have finally started moving.

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