Distance Healing

Distant Healing works of that there is no doubt. It is an integral part of any energy healing system. Distant healing is very powerful. See the Testimonials.

Joylina sends Distance Healing to all those on her distance healing list twice a day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night for approximately 30 minutes. This is sent to people in all parts of the world in different time zones so, the intention is that you receive the energy at a time that is convenient to you.

You do not need to do anything but it seems to work better if you can find a time to relax and just focus on receiving the healing energy for anything from 10 - 20 minutes. Just imagine the energy flowing through you.

As healing works only for the highest good of the soul concerned it can be sent to anyone or anything including, family, friends, pets and troubled parts of the world.

To Join the Distance Healing List just visit this page and click the "Add Your Details" button.

If you wish to remain anonymous then please Type “Anon” in the Name field and then complete the rest of the form. The only fields that appear on the list are name, date of birth and town. Please then put your name in the comment box with any comments you have.

This way your name will not appear on the public list but Joylina will be able to tune into your personal energy to send you the healing energy.

Joylina has never turn down a request for distant healing and always stipulates that the energy received is used for the Highest Possible Good of the person, animal, situation concerned and if their soul does not want it, to pass the energy on to someone who does. You cannot direct the energy, it can only be used for the highest good of all concerned and although we may know the outcome we consciously would like, we also need to bear in mind that from the soul’s perspective the Highest Good may be to help someone make their transition.

If you could let us know what you experience and how life begins to change that would be helpful both to Joylina and with your permission we would like to put any feedback (anonymously if you prefer) on the website to help others as well.

When you add your name to the list it will not appear straight away but you will start receiving healing that evening.


Just to thank you so much for the distance healing you are sending my mother. In October 2006 my Mum Doris was given 3-4 weeks to live and I wanted to let you know she still doing very well and I am sure it is down to the distance healing you are sending her. She is up and around again much to the doctor’s surprise. Please keep sending her healing it is doing her the world of good" JT December 2007

Update - to let you know Mum just celebrated her 90th birthday with her twin sister - October 2008 and we are looking forward to another Christmas.

Doris is still going strong July 2009 -

Doris passed peacefully in February 2010 with her family around her. 3 1/2 years after the doctors gave her 2-3 weeks to live.

Thank you again.

JT Loughton, Essex

Click here to read the whole of Doris' story "Power of the Human Spirit"

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