It has been written by some that Reiki is earth energy and by others that it is universal energy. For me it has always been a combination of earth and universal energies. I believe all the different types of healing modalities are all based on the same premise. Energy is the loving energy of the divine source, whatever you call it. The only differences are the numerous ways in which you can connect to it and the ways you can do it. These are the different modalities from all over the world. The more you use energy the more you will be in balance and the more you can bring through. The main difference between Reiki and other modalities are that you are 'attuned' to the energy by receiving attunements from a Reiki Master. The attunement process varies according to the type of Reiki you are learning. Joylina teaches the original form of Reiki discovered by Dr. Usui in Japan in the early 1920's including the Tibetan Attunements and the Violet Flame.

How does Healing (and Reiki in particular) Work?

Reiki is a laying on of hands touch (physically touching the body) healing system of incomparable ease and power. It can also be done in the aura, ie not physically touching the body). Healing energy is naturally available to all living beings from birth, but what makes Reiki so different from other healing methods is the attunements (also known as the initiations or empowerments).

Once you have received the Reiki attunements you are connected to the energy and able to offer healing to all. Attunements are designed to open and raise your vibrational level to connect to the universal life force energy of healing and pure unconditional love.

Anyone can lay their hands on another person to help accelerate the healing process. For example a mother placing her hand on her child's forehead because the child has a fever. The energy is the life force itself. But a person attuned to Reiki has fine tuned the 7 etheric bodies and layers of the aura and been clearing and balancing the chakra's to a higher vibratory level, opening all the energy centres and releasing any blockages, thus allowing the healer to receive an increased amount of life force energy (ki) to heal with. The healer's connection to the source is much stronger and easier.

Reiki is structured along three levels and with each set of attunements/empowerments you will raise your vibrations enabling you to channel stronger and stronger energy as you progress through the three degrees, ie. moving down the branches and closer to the trunk.

If you would like to learn how to do Reiki for yourself and others Joylina offers courses in Reiki and Higher Dimensional Healing from beginners to teachers.  Contact Joylina for more information and when a workshop will be taking place in your area.  OR  BOOK NOW  for a healing session with Joylina.

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