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What is Energy Healing?

Joylina believes all energy healing, comes from the Source of Creation and the only differences between them are the labels we give them (such as Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Angel Healing) and the processes by which we connect to the energy and use it.

Another factor that makes a big difference is how high the healer's vibration is. The higher their vibration to closer to source energy they can get and the higher frequencies of energy they can channel.

This of course is defined by how much self-development and healing work people have done on themselves. The more they have done the closer to the source of pure unconditional love they will be able to experience and share in their healing. It is in the letting go of Ego and allowing the self to be an empty vessel” that the healing process takes place.

Healing is not “Curing”. It is allowing the Soul to “know what’s best” and to use the energy for this highest good, not for our ego purposes. Healing is a self-perpetuating process and as we heal ourselves we heal our world.

Everything in the universe is made up of the same energy. Energy is everything. Energy cannot be destroyed it can only be transmuted so the energy is used by the soul to gently release what is holding you back in this lifetime. Whatever the issues whether they be this or past life, as we align with our soul selves and fulfill our full potential, then so we change our world.

“Be the changes you want to see in the world”.


What is Healing Energy?