Caring for Carers

Every carer is like a sunflower in the world, standing strong, smiling, turning to face whomever needs them, soaking up whatever is thrown at them, bending with the wind, whilst continuously ploughing on with the job in hand, however tired you may feel, especially as the sun goes down.

There are many different types of carers. Whether you are a professional carer or someone caring for elderly parents (like myself), disabled children or family members there is one thing we all have in common.


So take a break and put YOU first for a change. Join us for a relaxing week in the French countryside.

Let yourself be looked after in lovely en-suite bedrooms, with delicious home cooked fresh foods, a relaxing glass of wine or two, beautiful, quiet, country surroundings, and 7 good nights uninterrupted sleep.

There are various options offered over the week which you can chose to dip in and out of if you feel inclined. Everything is included in the price including one free therapy of your choice. If not you can just enjoy the peace and quiet of the gardens and the surrounding area.


  • En-suite rooms, Breakfast, Lunch, Evening meal, Fresh Fruit, teas and coffees are always freely available.
  • Healing (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and animal healing), you can even learn how to do it yourself if you wish.
  • Instruction in Meditation and Relaxation.
  • Creating your own healing space and relaxing room spray or perfume that you can use in times of stress.
  • Each guest can enjoy one of a variety of holistic treatments, including a Bowen Technique treatment and healing therapies, Bach Flower remedy consultation, a soul or angel reading.
  • Sleeping, reading, relaxing, doing nothing and letting others look after you.

Optional Extras

  • 1hour Tai Chi Qui Gong exercises (gentle soft flowing movements) as well as the opportunity to take several sessions to enable you to exercise at home and at work, with Shirley Jones, BACPR PSI TMW.
  • Further holistic treatments, healing and readings.
  • A meal out, visit a local town, swim in the cascades and lake, horse-riding, discover the ancient standing stones or visit a local Buddhist Temple.

Carers by their very nature put others needs before their own. They willingly do their best to provide for the needs of others. Often sacrificing themselves and their own needs. In the longer-term however this caring attitude eventually defeats their objective.

Think of yourself as a bucket of life giving water. You go out sprinkling to everyone who needs it. As you do so the water level goes down and down until there is nothing left. If you wish to keep helping people you have to take time to replenish the bucket. So, to save your own health and sanity and to enable you to carry on giving, we are inviting you to spend a week at Grue Demoiselle, Rancon, France (just outside Limoges), recuperating, recovering and offering an opportunity to learn some new skills to help you balance your life and work. A perfect place, not too far from the UK to unwind and have a complete break and do nothing except be pampered and find support with each other and our shared experiences.

There is plenty of “time off” scheduled into the week and of course every activity is optional, so if you want to simply stay in your room and sleep, or go for a walk you can. This week is about YOU and what you need to replenish your energy and fill, not only your bucket, but yourself with life-giving water and sunshine.


£600.00 (650€) for shared accommodation and
£750.00 (800€) for single accommodation

Arrival - Saturday 21/4/2018 (after 15.00)

Departures - Saturday 28/4/2018 (after breakfast)

Airport transfers from Limoges Airport are not included and are 30€ each way.

For further information or to reserve your place please contact

Catherine & Jim Jamieson

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

05 55 60 24 19 or phoning from the UK - 0033 555 602419

06 02 30 53 71 or from the UK 0033 602305371.