Triple Numbers - a review of the last 10 years

Welcome to 2016 and amongst the fanfair and fireworks what are your new year resolutions going to be? Maybe this numerological review of the last few years will help you decide.

Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. As well as determining aspects of your personality and life purpose from the analysis of your birthdate, together with the encoded numbers in the letters of your name, it is also a science attributing meaning and significance to what could appear as random numbers observed in your environment and/or happening globally. Digits of higher numbers are added together until a single digit is reached.

The last 10 years

2007 was a 9 year and on 9th September 2007 we had a 999 and this year we are also approaching a 999 on the 9th September 2016 So what energies have been available to us and how did they affect you individually and thus collectively?

The end of 2007 was the official beginning of the latest US Recession, which moved around the world and became a global recession. If you ask anyone who has lived through a number of recessions they will tell you that a recession forces change upon us. People loose their homes, their jobs and find they have had to move to a different part of the country or world to find work and as 9s represent completion and endings they automatically form part of the 1s and New Beginnings. In 2007 Gordon Brown took over from Tony Blair and on his election stated “Let the work of change begin”.

1st January 2008 was a 111, which triples the energy of new beginnings giving us the opportunity for massive change. 2008 saw record oil prices, marking the beginning of the global financial crisis, the worse since 1929. Barak Obama was elected president of the USA and got involved in the conflict between Russia and Georgia as a peace mediator helping Georgia with humanitarian mission.

The 1st January 2016 is an 11, which is also a master number. 11 is the number associated with psychics but above all faith. It is intuitive, instinctual and very capable. It is also the number of spiritual illumination so we have an opportunity to start this year with a positive intention and to bring about positive change in our lives and our world.

2nd February 2009 was a 222 and two is the energy of balance and that's something that many of us struggle with - balancing the spiritual, emotional mental and physical, as well as balancing our spiritual life with our secular life. Balancing the masculine and feminine within, managing our work life balance, let alone balancing the bank balance, balancing in every way. The 2 energy also signifies the coming together of loved ones, relationships and family. It also encourages us to tune into our emotional side and to express our feelings. 2 energy encourages 'love'. So when, this was magnified by 3, many of us found new Love and relationships, individually but also a greater love of our fellow human beings was born.

3rd March 2010 was 3.3.3. Three offers you choice. The holy trinity is activated in your DNA structure. So 333 offers an opportunity to connect with highly evolved spiritual beings, ascended masters and angels. The trinity is the holiness within all of your choices. Your body, mind, spirit in agreement with your Soul's evolution. Within this number you are not allowed to straddle the razor blade fence of indecision.

4th April 2011 we had 4.4.4. where we were offered new opportunities to build a new future Were we were asked to raise our vibrations and let go of negativity and believe more in ourselves and our world. To hold on through all choices and changes. To Stay balanced in what we knew to be our divine truth and the platform of light will solidify.

On 5th May 2012 we had 5.5.5. with 5 being the number of change, motion, freedom and exploration. In this year with the energies of 12.12.12. as well we all focused on the changes we wanted to experience both in our personal and collective lives. This change will be the answer to some long forgotten collective prayer for peace. 5 is also said to represent the Microcosm (the individual) and 6 is said to represent the Macrocosm (the collective). 6 is the number of creativity and success.

On 6th June 2013 we have 666, so 3 times the opportunity for creativity and success. 6+6+6 = 18 or 6+6+2+1+3 = 18. 8+1 = 9 which is completion, i.e. the end of a cycle. But 18 itself is an oxymoron of a number.

It is the number of the ultimate spiritual level, the holiest of numbers, thus the ultimate power for good but not only can it create, it can also destroy as well. As such we can use this energy to destroy what we no longer need in our lives and our world as well as giving us the opportunity to create something new and wonderful.

Many people have often thought of 666 and being the number of the devil and for too long we have associated 6 with negativity. In fact 6 has always been a holy light vibration that focuses on love, marriage, home, family, success, harmony, beauty, nurturing, responsibility, empathy, compassion, healing and service. Usually the success aspect of 6 has us focusing on the material, monetary and financial aspects of life and how that relates to our families and our home. Now the emphasis is more on the recognition of humanitarianism, justice, responsibility, honesty, integrity and sacrifice and the abundance of life and everything.

666 is also known as the huber of the Sun - Carbon (CO2) which is the chemical basis of all physical life. It has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. The shape of carbon molecules points to the hexagram, which is the symbol of unity.

Between 12.12.12 and 21.12.12 the earth travelled through some very powerful energies emanating from the centre of our solar system and some say universe. Either or is not important but what is important is that these energies will have grounded and balanced themselves sufficiently for us to be able to take advantage of them on 6.6.6.

The number 6 asked us to come back to the original seed thought/blueprint of life with a reverence for its numerical explanation. 6 is of earth but there is a beautiful holiness within earth and within those of earth. The mother earth begins to move back into her original form not waiting for her children to agree. By aligning with the true essence of 666 we found that our lives flowed smoothly in harmony with all that is as we created the unity within ourselves so we could create it within our families, communities, countries and our world.

666 prompted us to focus on our inner spirituality and our divine soul purpose, rather than on the earthly material concerns but we also have to live in this world and therefore balance between these two is essential. So we let go of any fears of loss or lack and surrendered them to the universe.

I mentioned earlier the 5 representing the microcosm and the 6 representing the macrocosm. 5 pointed stars and 6 pointed stars have long been symbols of spirituality. The six-pointed star was originally known as the Star of Creation. Its six points stand for the six days of creation, and are also represent the Six Attributes of God: Love, Power, Wisdom, Majesty, Mercy and Justice.

The six-pointed star is of ancient origin and can be traced back to ancient Egypt. It is currently used in many modern religions, with a variety of meanings, including Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam.

Today this star is commonly accepted as the Star of David, a symbol of Judaism and modern-day Israel. Although it was only adopted in recent years. The original symbol of Judaism was the Menorah.

stonehenge dawnPicture taken at dawn at 4.30am on 6.6.6 at Stonehenge during the Celebration of Creation Ceremony, during a private Access visit to Stonehenge.

Then on 7th July 2014 we had 7.7.7. 7 is the vibration of the spiritual warrior. One who walks a narrow path within self and soul. Seven works for the light, by the light and with the light and will connect us all into a deeper sense of who we are. Seven brings us home to the place where miracles are an every minute event, where you can fly and dance in the stars. Seven is a place where wonder, magic and miracles are seen as natural happenings. Seven is our natural state of being. Seven is the number of the wisdom seeker, the sage and philosopher. It is the number of contemplation, of deep-thinking, introspection and seeking perfection within. During this year we all went through a process of deep inner reflection, seeking clarity of who we are, seeking the perfection within and who we want to be in the future.

Visually eight depicts ‘as above so below’ and on its side it mirrors the symbol for infinity. Eight is the Number of Karma- the spiritual law of Cause & Effect. As we take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions, the results we manifest in our lives and the world we live in, then so we create the clarity necessary to change. In the tarot the major arcana card of ‘8’ is ‘strength’ so as we connect to our inner strength, wisdom, vision and desire to expand our spiritual consciousness, we create peace, balance and harmony within ourselves and our earth in our time.

The 8th day of the 8th month in an ‘8’ year offers us the 888 trilogy. This number traditionally symbolises the energy of the ‘Holy Spirit’. It is definitely a triple karmic number where we have the opportunity to clear our past Karma and create a new one, both individually and collectively. Our ‘present’ is created from our ‘past’ and our ‘future’ is created from our ‘now’. So the choices we made at this moment affected our future, individually and collectively.

As we enter 2016 which is going to be another 9 year, a year of completion, of reviewing our lives and letting go, clearing the way for new beginnings. As we have matured through the energy of the numbers we reach what 9 truly stands for, humanitarianism, compassion, philanthropy, idealism and tolerance. 9 is both self-sacrificing and self-sufficient in its march towards progress and the fulfilment of our vision both individual and collectively.

So here we stand on the brink of a brave new world.

We can wonder where tolerance comes in, as we face more religious wars in the Middle East but at the end of the day both sides are fighting for their beliefs. Those ideals just happen to be different. If we could all manage to find it in our hearts to connect to the tolerance available in the energies of 999 then perhaps we could end these wars forever.

Nine paves the way for completion and for evolution to the next phase. It also holds the spiral of happy returns because all numbers multiplied by 9 always reduce back to 9 thus symbolising the return to the source of the divine. So 999 can be seen as imparting the energy of creation, of the unification of opposites beginning about a brave new world.

Most religions and many scientists believe that numbers carry the hidden meanings and secrets of the universe. In the ancient worlds of Greece and Egypt 9 was believed to be the number of man. It is the number of the hierarchy of angels and has been linked to Hecate, the Greek Goddess of the Crossroads and magic. Also the God Juno the Roman goddess of Abundance and Odin the father creator of Norse mythology. The Pythagoreans called 9 the Ennead, and in Hinduism 9 is the number of the Creator Brahma. The biblical 9 is the number of judgement, it is also believed to mean the fruit of the spirit, divine completeness from the father. 999 is also thought to be just short of the perfection of 1000.

So what might this year hold for you personally? Is there an area in your life that you have been procrastinating over? Is there something that you know you need to bring to completion if you are going to be able to walk through the next door that opens for you? So in this year of 9 we are being urged to complete, to finish the things we wish to finish and prepare to start those things we have been putting off. To take a more active role in our society, to be involved more with social and humanitarian projects that make a difference to either individuals and to groups.

So what are your New Year Resolutions going to be?