Numerology of 1 and 111

Numbers have always been important and triple numbers even more so and right at the beginning of 2017 we have the first of the first of a year 1 = 111. Just when we are all recovering from welcoming in the New Year will will have the most energetically powerful day of the year. Don’t worry if you are reading this after the first of January because there are other 111’s during this month and there will be other 1’s and 11’s during the year.  



But what is it all about, what does it mean for us all and what should you be doing?

1 as I said is about New Beginnings. It is unique and encompasses assertiveness and independence. It brings inspiration and strives to move forward. It brings motivation, courage and leadership which is the start of manifestation. It is one of the most positive numbers. After all in our technological ages of computers they all run on a combination of 0 +1. 

When a number is tripled i.e. 111 the energy of that number is tripled as well. Thus making the 1st of 1st in a 1 year trebling the energy of the positive attributes of 1 and making it three times more powerful. So 111 is like an energetic gateway opening so we can each access the very positive qualities of the triple 111 at this time thus making it easier to manifest your dreams into reality. It also heralds a time of spiritual awakening and a time of enlightenment. Thus it is particularly important to choose your thoughts wisely because you don’t want to manifest your fears into reality. 

Triple numbers are also known as angelic numbers, they insist that you seek and rely on your inner wisdom and intuition to guide you along your Soul’s pathway not that of your ego consciousness. Thus it is particularly important that everyone raise their spiritual awareness but that all light workers overcome their inhibitions and shine their lights brightly as they share their work and their energy raising awareness amongst others. It is a time when we can work together to raise the energies of our planet and collectively bring about a spiritual awakening for all. 111 is a wake up call and chance for us to create a better world for ourselves and everyone. 

If you see 111 regularly i.e. 1.11pm or 111 on a car number plate it is the universe and the angels giving you that wake up call. Time to take notice of your thoughts, your feelings, what your actions and behaviour says about you. At the end of the day your thoughts affect how you feel and the action to take which manifests your life. If you want to live and happy and positive life then you have to take advantage of this uniquely time to bring about positive change in your thoughts and actions so you can manifest and live the happy and successful life you choose in the present. 

You will see a number of people bringing the number 11 into this year’s energy as well. 11 is a master spiritual and karmic number which also resonates with the energy of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. (See here fore more information on 11, 11:11, and 11.11.11). 

So what can you do to prepare for this special day? 

1 start to think carefully about what you really want in life. Think of the qualities you want to experience such as Love, Joy, Happiness, Security, Safety, Excitement, Loyalty, Respect etc. 

2 think back to when you have experienced these qualities, what were you doing, how did you know you had them. If you feel you have never felt one then imagine what it would feel to be excited instead of anxious. After all the feeling in the body is exactly the same, it is only how you choose to experience it that makes the difference. 

3 Think about what you would like to achieve in this year. Who you would really like to BE. As Shakespeare said “To Thine Own Self be True”. Only you can manifest your life. Just one thing. This is not like making ordinary new year’s resolutions. This is not “I shall loose weight” or “give up chocolate. Take advantage of this especially powerful time to make fundamental change to improve your life and remember only you can do it and right now you have the help of the universe and the angels to ensure you succeed.

Choose something like “Raising your Self-Esteem and Confidence. When focusing and improving this one area you actually affect and improve all areas of your life because your self-esteem and confidence affect all your relationships with family, friends, colleagues. This in turn brings positive results to relationships, work, finances and all areas of your life. There is a downloadable visualisation on my website for Creating Confidence (download it here). 

OR you may decide to “Be Happy”. Ask yourself what type of things make you happy? What are you doing when the day goes quickly and think about how you can do more of it. Whether it is your work you dislike, people in your life that irritate you, whatever its s what are you going to change which will make a positive improvement for you. 

OR you may wish to “Attract Your Twin Flame” in which case sign up to my “Attracting Your Twin Flame” Training course OR develop your own psychic and spiritual awareness in which case try my “Fundamentals of Psychic Development Training Course”. 

4 Perhaps create a Feng Shui Vision Board (see here for how). 

Whatever you do you must take some form of positive action now. 

5 Practice, Practice, Practice. You may be breaking habits of a lifetime or many lifetimes, so keep practicing. When you notice you are thinking negatively don’t berate yourself, just choose to think something positive. Change your energy even if it is only standing straight and smiling, it will make you feel better and thus change your reality in the moment and thus what you manifest during this 1 year. 

The other numerical influence on 111 is 3. 3 is a very spiritual number. It is the number of the Holy Trinity, i.e. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Number 3 is the activity that takes place behind the creativity of 1. i.e. 1 is the idea the creative side, 3 is the action that we take to manifest the creative idea. 3 represents all that is abundant and fertile and is the outer expression of inner desire. 3 is the generator and vitaliser of new life, it brings enthusiasm and is eternally optimistic. You can see how the 111 brings in the 3 energy of action which is why it is so important to take some form of action NOW whilst you can take advantage of these extra energies. 

Individually this will affect each of us differently depending upon our own individual years. So for me I am in a personal 2 year. 2 in Tarot and numerology is all about relationships and The second house astrologically is my house of finance so for me personally I am being encouraged to work on my relationship to my finances as well as possibly my relationships with others. How I choose to interpret this and what I choose to do is obviously up to me, as everything above is obviously up to you the reader. 

To find your personal year add the date and month of your birth to 2017 i.e. 2.8.2017 = 20 = 2 

Other powerful dates this January will be 10.1.2017; 19.1.2017; 28.1.2017. The creative energy of one will be here with us all year. The energy of 3 will be here many times throughout the year encouraging you to continue taking action.