Numerology and its history

Modern Numerology owes its origins to all the early mathematicians, astrologers and metaphysicians, who believed numbers to be the keys to the mysteries taught by all the great Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt, Maya, Greeks, and those mentioned in the Hebrew Torah upon which the Christian Old Testament is based. 

The oldest known cave drawing is believed to be a representation of the number 7. It is believed to have been drawn by Neanderthals who lived between 150,000 - 35,000 BC. They are believed to be the first Humans to harness Fire, they invented medicine and carried out crude surgery,  they are the first humans known to have had Religion, they buried their dead (sometimes with flowers, provisions and tools), they wore amulets or talismans and it is believed they were the first to invent Language and Art. With their relatively large brains, they were very likely the first humans to actually count, or think about numbers.

It was Pythagoras 8000 BC who said: "The world is built upon the power of numbers, then numbers must be the key to the understanding of the world." They are a key to the ancient views on cosmogony, in its broad sense, including man and beings, and the evolution of the human race, spiritually as well as physically. All numbers are symbols that reflect inner realities. There are basically only ten numbers, which describe. The pattern of creation, from the Unity, which exists at the source down to physical objects, and to human life experiences. That pattern follows precise laws and governs the nature of all life through man's fourfold expression on this physical plane.

It is not surprising that so much esoteric learning was lost between the translations of Arkadian, Sumarian, Ancient Hebrew, Egyptian, Aramaic, Greek, Latin, French and English. We only have to think about how the English language has changed since I was at school in the 1950’s, when the word Wicked meant something bad to now, in the common vernicular, it means something really good.

The bible says “first there was sound” and language is made up of sounds. Our names hold the energy of our soul and personality in each lifetime. Our name becomes our identity within this world and many names have different meanings which often influence our life’s path even when we do not consciously know the meaning of our names. The energy which surrounds us is set‑up by the sound vibration of our name and it defines the way we interact with our world and our piers. It is a reflection of our own personality and psychology and is governed by the environment and culture in which we were brought up as well as parental and social influence. The way in which we react and respond both mentally and emotionally determines the degree of control we have over our life experiences. It has been written that 'YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK'. Therefore, by recognising our strengths, we can use those to help balance our weaknesses, and so gain more control over our own destiny.

Using just the basic rules of Numerology, we can identify with our own unique qualities and become more aware of our own inner nature and seek to balance our energy patterns to create a happier and more fulfilled life experience. Using more complex calculations and transferring the letters of the alphabet into numbers we can discover the deeper aspects of our personality from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspective and our soul’s purpose. All aspects of self must be in harmony otherwise if we are out of balance it can lead to poor health, lack of vitality, depression and dis‑ease. Using Numerology, we can set up a chart (similar to an astrological natal chart) which clearly shows that pattern and life trends of the native. By careful and intuitive analysis, the interpreter can highlight areas of the life when particular energy patterns prevail, and guide the native in the right direction to gain the maximum benefit from the prevailing energy patterns and often save much heartache and misery.

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