888 and the Lion's Gate

Imagine what our world would be like if we were all more generous and warm-hearted, more broad-minded, accepting and loving. Imagine allowing ourselves to be more spontaneous, creative, outgoing, confident, self-sufficient and self-sacrificing. What kind of world would we be living in? Well this year, and ‘8’ offers us such an opportunity, if we are courageous enough to take it…

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Numbers That Add Up

In Western Numerology a ‘defining’ number is achieved by adding other numbers together.  Therefore, this year, 2015 (2+0+1+5 = 8) is seen as an ‘8’ year.  This means that the influence of the number 8 will be affecting us all. But why the fascination with the ‘science of numbers’ in the first place? It appears we may have our great ancestors to thank for that. With their relatively large brains, Neanderthals are credited for inventing language, art and the first to actually count, or think in numbers. Around 38,000BCE one common design found in rock art was a series of seven dots or parallel lines, believed to have had sacred significance. So our relationship with numbers has been around for a long, long time.

Cultural Significance

The number ‘8’ has particular resonance with all peoples of the world. In China it represents harmony, prosperity and the Cosmos. In Egypt it is the number of Thoth - the wisdom keeper. In Greece it is represents Hermes - the God of sacred geometry. For the Romans ‘8’ represented freedom and equality. To Buddhists 8 means ‘completion of all possibilities’ and the ‘8 Fold Path’. To Hindus 8 x 8 is the order of the celestial world established on Earth. In Jewish tradition it stands for perfect intelligence and splendour. To Christians it symbolises regeneration, rebirth and the ‘beatitudes’. To Muslims ‘8’ is the throne, which encompasses the world, supported by 8 angels, corresponding to the 8 divisions of space and the groups of letters in the Arabic Alphabet. 

Spiritually, ‘8’ is the goal of the initiate, having passed through the seven heavens, thus, it is the number of Paradise regained; regeneration; resurrection; perfect rhythm. There are eight winds, eight Directions and eight spokes in the Wheel of Time. The Bible says ‘first there was sound’ and there are 8 notes in an Octave. 

Easy On The Eyes And Soul

Visually eight depicts ‘as above so below’ and on its side it mirrors the symbol for infinity. Eight is the Number of Karma- the spiritual law of Cause & Effect. As we take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions, the results we manifest in our lives and the world we live in, then so we create the clarity necessary to change. In the tarot the major arcana card of ‘8’ is ‘strength’ so as we connect to our inner strength, wisdom, vision and desire to expand our spiritual consciousness, we create peace, balance and harmony within ourselves and our earth in our time. 

The 8th day of the 8th month in an ‘8’ year offers us the 888 trilogy. This number traditionally symbolises the energy of the ‘Holy Spirit’.   It is definitely a triple karmic number where we have the opportunity to clear our past Karma and create a new one, both individually and collectively.  Our ‘present’ is created from our ‘past’ and our ‘future’ is created from our ‘now’.  So the choices we make at this moment will affect our future, individually and collectively.

The Lion’s Gate

The 8th of August is also known as the ‘Lion’s Gate’. Many of the Ancient Mystery schools believe Leo (the 8th month in the Gregorian calendar) to be the only ‘unfallen’ zodiac; the only celestial body, which did not fall with the ‘Fall of Angels’ and ‘Man’s expulsion from Garden of Eden’.  Teachings proclaim that it is through the Constellation of Leo that the Pure Divine Energy returns to our world.  It is believed that energetically the Lion’s Gate opens on the 26th July and closes on the 12th of August each year with its most open and powerful point being the 8th of August. Powerful light energies and codes from the ‘Heart of the Universe’ pour through to our solar system via Sirius. As the sun passes through the royal house of the Lion, the ‘Cosmic Fire’ pours through the Lion's Gate in order to transform and transmute the negative energies that created the ‘fall’ (the false barriers that separate man from the Divine) and so return the universe, our solar system and galaxy back to Oneness. This may well be the energy from our galaxies Photon Belt.   

Stellar Intervention

The Lion's Gate is also referred to as a ‘Star Gate’ giving access to other solar systems, galaxies and dimensions. The Greek Citadel at Mycenae was home to a temple of Hera. This Goddess was worshipped by many ancient cultures, going back to a time when the creative force we call ‘God’ was conceived of as female. So the idea that it will be through Greece and the feminine energy that the return of Divine Love will come is not so far-fetched. The site also has connections to Egypt. Within the Temple a scarab of Queen Tiye of Egypt, wife of Amenhotep III, was found in the Room of the Idols, alongside other statues. The actual site of the temple has been inhabited since Neolithic times.

The Lion's Gate acts also as a time and energy portal. It is said to be an energy doorway, which activates etheric codes held in our DNA and the Akashic Records. It is said to be associated with the marriage of matter and antimatter, a point where polarities meet and merge. These codes are encrypted at sacred sites all over the world centring on Giza and directly connected to Stonehenge and all the other sacred sites of the world both major and minor. By tuning in and connecting to this energy we can access this portal of ancient truths and wisdoms resulting in an accelerated spiritual awakening for ourselves and our world.  

The Science

Our solar system lies within the Orion arm of the Milky Way, within which is the Dog Star - Sirius, believed to be a star gate.  There is some evidence that the Great Sphinx at Giza was created in the last age of Leo 26,000 years ago. The three great pyramids align with the three stars of Orion’s belt and the Nile in turn aligns with the Milky Way. In Quantum Physics, the wave/particle experiments of Geoffrey Ingrave Taylor in 1905 and repeated by the Americans and Israeli’s in 1995 show us that the ‘power of our intention’ is what creates in the first place. Dr. Stephen Hawkins in his latest book The Grand Design talks of, ‘multi-dimensional parallel universes interwoven within the space/time continuum with wormholes connecting them’. Science also tells us everything that ever was, is and shall be, is happening now.

Whether this is true or not we can, with the power of our Intention, take advantage of metaphorically creating the Lion’s Gate, passing through it, transcending time and space to connect to Source Energy in the ‘unfallen’ Cosmos and bring these pure energies from the Void before the ‘Big Bang’ across time and space and into our world. The more people who do this together the greater effect it has.  This has been proven time and time again both with Rupert Sheldrake’s Theory of Morphic Resonance (the hundred monkey syndrome) and with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water. Also According to Peter Russell there are 1010 molecules in a human neuron and 1010 neurons in the human neo-cortex - when the world population reaches 1010 the parts will loose their individual identity, i.e. egos, and become components of the larger whole accepting and bringing unity. The current world population is 109 and rising.  

Why Now - Retrograde Planets

Astrologer and visionary Barbara Hand Clow, states that ‘retrograde planets allow us to bring gifts/talents, skills, knowledge and abilities from past lives, with us into the current incarnation’. 

Jupiter is currently retrograde encouraging us to let go of the more material aspects of life and seek inner peace by finding spiritual answers to our problems. It will have turned direct by August returning its general good luck and positivity for us to be able to use then.

There are other planets retrograde during August this year. Venus in Gemini(25.3.15 - 6.9.15.) giving us ample opportunity to focus on our relationships, especially with ourselves, our loved ones and our world. We will no longer be able to lie to ourselves or each other. Saturn in Scorpio(14.3.15 - 13.8.15) making it feel as if everything is moving ultra-slow, and forcing us to confront and release all issues relating to authority. Scorpio’s influence makes us seek our inner being and divine nature. 

Neptune’s influence has us start to question our logic and esoteric matters and intuition come to the fore. The Pisces influence allows us to connect to our emotions and communicate our deeper feelings through increasing creativity and artistic ability. At this time more and more people will develop their own spirituality and connect to their own psychic and intuitive abilities. Pluto brings a period of facing our individual and collective control issues - a time to re-evaluate what we value most. It makes us face our fears of letting go but with Capricorn’s more grounding influence allowing us to learn from history and let go without fear, for Pluto works with the number ‘8’ to release karma. 

Uranus gives us collectively the opportunity to see our own true path with Aries giving us the energy to fight any inner battles necessary to follow that path. During this time we can all expect the unexpected. Finally Chiron, the wounded healer, encourages those who are lead by control, power and greed, to take risks and to give into their hedonistic greed, thus allowing their nefarious practices to come to light. This gives us all, including those less scrupulous, ample opportunity to go into our emotions, reflect on what we can do differently and heal ourselves. He again brings to the fore karmic issues needing to be resolved. If you take a few moments to review what has been going on in your life this year, the lives of loved ones and in the world in general you will be able to see all these things in play, right now. 

How You Can Act Now!

You can make conscious effort to create harmony and balance in your life. ‘Be’ rather than to ‘Do’, after all we are human ‘beings’. Live from the soul qualities of love, acceptance, serenity and grace and be loving, courageous, and loyal. On the 8th of August you can join with others around the world in a meditation to connect to the Lion’s Gate and the ‘Unfallen Cosmos’ and bring the energies of the Divine into your life and our world.  Below is a meditation using the power of your breath, which you can use or you can download a recording from www.joylina.com. In this meditation you will put down your roots, open your chakras, send Earth energy across the Universe and connect to the constellation of Leo. Send your energy through the Star Gate and connect to the pure, divine energy of the Void and breathe that energy back into our own time and space.  You can ask Eth, the angel of the time space continuum, to assist you in your intention to connect to the divine energy of ‘The One’ and bring it into our own time and space…  

Lion’s Gate Meditation

Relax and focus on your breathing. Breathing in peace and love… breathing out peace and love. Remember a time when you felt peaceful or loved.  Focus on that time and breathe in the energy, breathing out everything you don’t need in your life right now. All worries all fears just breathe them out and with every out breathe you become more and more relaxed, more and more relaxed. With one deep breathe imagine breathing out your roots, and see sense and feel roots coming out of your feet and going deep into the heart of mother earth, and with your in breathe breath in the silver light of mother earth breathing it up through your roots up through your legs. See sense and feel this silver light opening your lower chakras as it comes up to your heart. With your out breathe breath the silver light up through your upper chakras seeing sense and feel your upper chakras open and you breathe the silver light up into the universe. See that pure white silver light sending your essence up and up into the universe, out across time and space as it connects to the constellation of Leo. See and sense the star gate and as, in your mind’s eye, you pass through the star gate, see sense and feel the pure divine energies of the unfallen “ONE”. Feel the unconditional love, the acceptance, the loyalty, the faith, the divine grace with which you are filled, breathe that golden energy in and breathe it out down through your body and into mother earth. See sense and feel the energy passing around the earth’s leylines. Out around the earth as the Divine energy of your God’s grace fills you with the Holy Spirit of the One. Stay with this energy for as long as you wish.