2018 an 11 Year - What opportunities does it give us

Numbers have always been important as they hold individual energy. Numerologically this new year of 2018 will be an 11 year. 11 is a master number and therefore is not added together to make two.

1 is the number of new beginnings and leadership. It is the most intuitive and instinctual number. 11 is the number associated with spiritual development, faith and psychics. 1 is unique and encompasses assertiveness and independence. It brings inspiration and strives to move forward. It brings motivation, and courage, which is the start of manifestation. It is one of the most positive numbers. After all in our technological ages of computers they all run on a combination of 0 +1, and as we know out of nothing comes nothing.

The number 11 not only doubles the energy of number 1 but it is also a karmic number with resonates with the energy of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. It enables us to overcome our limitations and expand the human experience and reach our full spiritual potential. To explore the connection between man and the divine, between personality, spirit / soul, ignorance and enlightenment. To connect to the divine within and without ourselves and Live to the full potential of our soul’s and change our world for the better.

As an 11 year this number will be influencing everything and everyone in our world. Every month their will be an 11th of that month which will be an 11:11 doubling this energy again.

We know how powerful the number 11:11 can be as this was the day that the Armistice was signed at the of the first world war which will celebrate its 100 anniversary this year.

In November this year. Personally I had no problem remembering the beginning of this war, which was supposed to end all wars. Especially the lighting of the Flame of Hope at Westminster Abbey, the candle that would burn until the end of the 4 years. I do, however, have every intention of celebrating its end of that war.

This year we all have many opportunities to work on ourselves and thus our societies to bring about a more loving, peaceful world for ourselves and future generations. In this master number year we individually and collectively, hold the key to the future by us all working on ourselves individually and living from our divine loving soul we can bring about the end of war on this planet. Remember Rupert Sheldrake’s Law of Morphic Resonance. See here for a more in depth article on the Law of Morphic Resonance

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