How Healing Energy can help you

The benefits of Healing are too numerous to mention here. It works by bringing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies into balance. Here are a few examples:

Physical benefits

Boosts immune system – strengthening the body's natural healing system enabling the body to remain healthy which means you rarely if ever succumb to the infections and viruses that cause most minor deceases including coughs, colds, flu, etc.

Speeds recovery after injuries and operations

Aids the detoxification process, carrying poisons, waste products and germs out of the body

Increases blood and lymph flow to and from muscles – hence aiding both the nutrition and detoxification of the muscles

Reduces water retention

Relieves muscular, rheumatic and other types of pain

Improves muscle tone, thus improving posture

Improves elasticity and tone of the skin

Breaks down scar tissue

Helps to restore tissue to its original state

Helps to regenerate organs and bone

Strengthens and balances the digestive system and all other body systems

Psychological and emotional benefits of Healing

Promotes deep sense of relaxation and well being, balancing emotions and helping to release emotional blocks

Raises self-esteem and confidence

Reduces stress, anxiety, depression and panic attacks

Provides a safe environment for people to experience tactile stimulus where their emotional needs and boundaries are of utmost importance.

Other uses for Healing Energy

Healing as an energy system has many uses as people have imagination. Below are some examples.

An example, four practitioners used Healing on a car battery that was flat. They placed their hands on the battery and sent energy for approximately 15 minutes. The guy who owned the car said the charge lasted a week when he thought he should buy a new battery.

Many other people swear they have channeled Healing energy into their car when they have been in difficulties and have arrived safely at a place where they can get the problem fixed.

You can send it to anything, anyone, anywhere:

Food and drinks



Your car


Medications or vitamins


Bandaging materials or plasters

Gifts and presents for people

Your diary if you want it to be filled with appointments

Your affirmations (write them on a piece of paper and Heal the paper)


The list is only limited by your imagination.

But how do you connect to it and bring it into your life. That is the question.

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