Twin Flames & Soul Mates

This article discusses the differences between Soul Mates and Twin Flames as well as giving hints and tips as to how you can attract your Twin Flame into your life or deepen your current relationship.

What is a Twin Flame?

For me, a twin flame is the other half of yourself. He or she is the one who loves you unconditionally. They don’t have to agree with you all the time, but they will support you no matter what.

A twin flame will nurture you until you grow into the beautiful flower you are and you will do the same for them. You may even be with your twin flame and not be aware of it because you have not taken the time to notice and to develop the relationship. We all fear being let down, betrayed and hurt, so often we don’t allow ourselves to develop our relationships to their full potential. Ask yourself: what stops you experiencing a fulfilling, rewarding and passionate relationship? How do you hold yourself back? What do you do or what do you not do that stops you achieving romantic happiness?

Find Your Twin Flame

Discover the difference between soul mates and twin flames with Joylina’s enlightening guide. Plus tips on how to attract your twin flame into your life or deepen a current relationship. Romance is in the air during the balmy days of June, when we reach the summer equinox and the sun is at its height. The days are long and warm and our thoughts turn to having a partner with whom to share our happiness. The celestial being connected with love is Archangel Haniel, who rules Venus the planet of passion. Know that Haniel is moving closer to your life and encouraging you to open your heart chakra to unconditional love and to develop wonderful, glowing relationships with yourself and others.

If you think about it, you’ll see that life revolves around relationships, which can sometimes be challenging. Everyday contact with parents, siblings, bosses, work colleagues, children, and friends are all relationships that you need to nurture. But, of course, the relationship that everyone wants the most is a romantic one: to find the man or woman of your dreams; your perfect partner. Joylina will help you to find out what is stopping you from achieving a rewarding relationship, and show you how to bring that all important relationship into your life. The principles apply to any kind of relationship and although the piece is written with women from Venus in mind, men from Mars can also gain insight into how to develop wonderful, sustaining relationships. It is the quality of the relationship that matters, not the particular pairing it takes.

Soul Mates or Twin Flames?

My belief is that we have a number of Soul Mates. These are people within our own soul group with whom we work throughout many life times, and who have chosen similar life paths. We love these souls and they love us and we agree pre-life to help each other to gain the experiences we chose for this lifetime. For instance, if a soul has been a betrayer, it may want to experience being betrayed. Or a soul may have chosen to overcome a fear of rejection, but to achieve that, someone has to love them enough to reject them. None of us really wants to hurt another but sometimes it is necessary, and perhaps also part of a pre-soul agreement. Soul mates will keep coming into your life until you learn that lesson. This is why, perhaps, you may often seem to attract the same type of relationships and set of issues into your life. When you have learned your soul lesson and moved on, then you will attract a different type of person and a new outlook on life.

Some soul mates come into your life very briefly: a smile from a stranger on the street that lifts your spirits, or the word from an acquaintance that makes you reconsider your action. Soul mates appear in many ways. You can feel the connection with a soul mate very strongly, so they can often be mistaken for a life partner. You have indeed known a soul mate from another lifetime; consequently you may feel close to them. But your true life partner, your twin flame, will come into your life when you are ready. First you need to remove the blockages that stop you loving and caring for yourself and others. Your twin flame will arrive when you no longer fear rejection or betrayal, when you no longer fear being happy because it may be taken away from you. After all, there’s no point in meeting the perfect person if you are not emotionally and spiritually ready to commit yourself.

There are five steps to attracting or developing a relationship, and they work for everyone. The steps are interchangeable, so you may find yourself go back and forth between them as you progress. And they apply to all your relationships, even the one with yourself. Below is a sample of Joylina’s steps to attracting your twin flame into your life, with tips and practical exercises to find romance.

*The Only Person You Can Change Is Yourself

No matter how much you might want to, you cannot change anyone but yourself. You have the power to alter your own behaviour, actions, perception, and communication methods. But, like a pebble thrown into a pool with ripples radiating outwards, your internal changes can affect your loved ones for the better, too.
Find the courage to be honest with yourself, to listen to your deepest thoughts and feelings. Eventually, you will be able to be truly honest with others, too, for the highest good of all concerned and to bring the perfect solution for everyone. Ask your Creator and the angels to help you on this path.

*It’s The Quality Of Your Relationship That Counts - not who you have it with.

Bring a nurturing relationship into your life or improve the one you have by spending a few minutes each day noticing all the blessings you have in your life. Be grateful for them, and imagine how you will feel when you achieve everything you desire. Ask your God or Haniel, and any of the other angels, to allow you to imagine how it will feel when all is perfect in your world. Then, experience those feelings of love, peace, joy, NOW. Within your inner self, know that you are creating the life you choose in the current moment and your God, or the Law of Attraction, will do the rest when the time is right. Because there’s no point meeting the right person unless the time is right for both of you.

We have all been hurt in the past but do we regret the good times? Of course not. There’s nothing wrong with falling in love with the idea of being in love. Many people can be Mr or Miss Right for now as we learn and grow. Let go of expectations and enjoy life, but don’t let your imagination run away with you and create something out of nothing. You are in control of your thoughts, so think good things! Your relationship is the time you spend together the rest of your life is your own. So how do you know whether someone loves you unconditionally? They love you regardless of who you are and what you do not because of those things.

Expectations of what is correct can be damaging. Let go of what ‘should’ be because all that really exists is ‘what is’ and if it works for the two of you then that’s all that matters.

Find out more… True love is not an impossible dream; it is out there for you. But it can be a painful process to achieve it. But you can’t have day without night and you can’t have love without pain. But ask anyone who has used the process whether it’s worthwhile and they will all answer with a resounding positive. So you, too, can have beautiful loving relationships. To discover how you can attract and create these wonderful relationships for yourself see Joylina's on-line training courses or call Joylina on 07702 956 928 or use my email contact form