Tarot and it's Origins

No one really knows from where Tarot originates although it is believed to have been from the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools. A Tarot Deck contain 78 cards consisting of 22 major arcane and 56 minor arcane.  The 22 most powerful cards of the major arcane are based on

the Hebrew system of 22 numbers and alphabet of sounds which are said to represent the 22 laws of the ancient wisdom teachings which are supposed to lead the person though their lifetime. In fact the name Tarot is closely related to the Hebrew word Taroh, meaning "the Law" and is applied to the five books of Moses found in the Old Testament. They also have links with the word Thoth, the Egyptian god of magic. This word is a derivation of Taru which means "to enquire, to seek an answer.

The 22 major arcane are the most important cards in the tarot deck and lead the soul or the personality (depending upon which level of information you are enquiring about), through the 22 phases of those ancient principals as part of the persons development through life. From the naive young man through all the metaphysical and psychological archetypes to completion and satisfaction with the world. Buddhists might call it enlightenment. The minor arcane are representative of our modern playing cards and have more to do with application of this esoteric occult lore to our daily lives.

There are a myriad of different decks which have been created by many esoteric practitioners around the world and through the ages. Choosing one is a matter of personal preference. The symbology and what it means to you is what is important.

As you work with the cards you discover a world of information both physical, emotional, mental and spiritual to lead you through your soul’s development. The cards will reveal not just information about a persons career and relationships, but also the conscious and unconscious psychological traits of both the personality and the soul. In the hands of an expert they will reveal not only karmic issues relating to this life but also how to overcome them and make the most of your life.

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