Space Clearing. A True Story

In 2006 When visiting a friend in Las Vegas I was asked if I could go and see her daughter, Marisa, grandson, Drake, and his elder sister Natalie at there home in Utah and do a house clearing for them. It is a new house on an estate, which has been built by the river. The land has been inhabited for 800 years.

The whole family seemed to be very psychic but frightened by the occurrences in their home. Drake, is an exceptionally psychic child as is his sister Natalie. She has always seen those from the spirit world, mainly in her mirror, but always different people and she has never been afraid of them. She is aware that not many of her friends see dead people but she is used to it. She also has a great affinity to animals. Apparently when going to the zoo the animals come over to the boundaries to be near her. She even has a picture of a black panther licking her face through the glass.

When I met Drake it was his 4th birthday and the family was preparing for a small party. Drake was having his friends over. Marisa told me there had been strange happenings ever since they had moved into this house. Natalie was seeing even more spirits although it still did not bother her. She had created her own angel alter in her room which she felt protected her. Marisa had seen a man on a number of occasions moving from her bathroom to her closet. But the real problem was Drakes room.

He was scared of sleeping in there. He had never slept through the night. He always wanted her with him. He kept seeing a man in his room and it frightened him. Even his dog was not happy in the room. She would sleep in there with him but she had to forced to start with and she obviously was not happy going in there at all. Marisa wanted me to clear Drakes room in particular, her bedroom and the property in general.

This is what triggered her asking for me to come and clear the space in her own words

“I don't think I told you what triggered this but 2 nights ago i was sleeping with Drake in his room. He was thrashing all night and I had a horrible nightmare - it was almost like a visitation dream where you are keenly aware that you are NOT dreaming. It was as though I was inside someone else's body and I could see out of their eyes much like looking out of a halloween mask. And there was a crime being committed and I remember feeling the hatred or evil in their heart. It was horrible. I awoke alarmed and I heard two men's voices whispering to each other. I looked around the room but couldn't discern where they were coming from or what they were saying exactly. I went downstairs to tell my husband Bert and told him what I heard. He went into Drake's room and then made me take Drake out and bring him into our bed. It didn't feel safe in there. The next day I went into Drake's room alone and said "everybody out of here! leave my son alone! he belongs to me!" That sounds dumb probably but that's how frustrated I was.”

I said I would do a clearing of Drake’s room but what I was concerned about was that the family were obviously very psychic and I did not want to clear any protective spirit guides away as well. Therefore I decided to clear with the angels rather than shamanically because this is a much gentler energy. After all it was Native American Indian country but it was not Indians that the family were seeing so I did not feel I needed to use Shamanic methods.

Firstly what causes spirits to be trapped on the earth plane. Simply it can be for a number of reasons.

  1. The spirit died suddenly and does not know it has passed on
  2. A sudden violet death and the spirit wants people to know what happened
  3. They have loved ones they do not want to leave
  4. A loved one is keeping them close because they cannot let them go

The energy in the house seemed fine. It was a lovely new modern house and I did not sense anything amiss. That is until I entered Drake’s room. Immediately I could sense a spirit. A man who seemed to be quite angry as well as confused – which is often the case with trapped spirits.

I started by calling in the 4 quarter angels and protecting my space and the building. I set my intention to open a portal to the spirit world through which guardian angels and loved ones of any earth bound spirits who were ready to go home could pass.

Then relaxing and letting myself go into a light trance I started to engage the spirit. I asked him why he was there and what he was trying to achieve. He told me he was looking for his wagon. He had been travelling to California to seek his fortune. Last night he had gone to sleep but when he woke up the wagon had gone. He was confused as to what might have happened to it, why hadn’t he awoken, as well as angry that someone might have stolen it. It had all his possessions in it. And what’s more he kept seeing a boy and a dog but who would not answer him and even seemed afraid of him. I asked him what year it was. 1848 was his response.

I gently explained that he must have died or been killed in his sleep because he had been dead for a long time. There is no time in spirit so he would not have been aware. I asked him his mothers’ name and I called upon her and his guardian angel to come and fetch him and lead him to the spirit world. I imagined a bright white light coming down into the centre of the room and his mother and his guardian angel reaching out to him and I watched him go towards them and fade away into the light. While the portal was open I asked that any other earth bound spirits that did not belong in this space to be collected by those they loved and trusted and taken to heaven.

Then calling on God and his angels I sprinkle holy water around Drakes bedroom to ensure that no other spirits or lesser energies could come to his room, other than his spirit guides and his own guardian angel. I also cleared and protected the playroom which had a really lovely energy.

The energy seemed to be cleared and when Marisa came up she thought it felt different as well. I left and returned to the UK the next day. Here is an extract of an email Marisa sent when I got home.

… I hope you had a nice return trip home and have enjoyed your holidays. Thank you for the work you did here in our Utah house regarding Drake. I am sorry we were not able to talk before you left. Still, here's a follow-up since then: the dog refused to enter the room that evening. Bert (Marisa’s husband) had to physically put her in as she would not go beyond the doorway. As I was putting Drake to sleep that night he told me he was scared. He said the first man was gone and a different man was there now…. As always, our main concern is Drake. he now seems to worry about dying and especially about being born again. He's such a happy baby but seems to have a lot on his heart. He loves me so much-he never wants to be away from me. He told me I was not his mother before and has a lot of questions about whether I will be his mother when he dies and goes to heaven. Which reminds me, he told me he wants to play a trick on God. I asked him what kind of trick? He told me he wants to get a lot of fake tattoos because when he turns 5 and dies he has to see God. he told me God will say" Drake where did you get all those tattoos?" and he said he will then tell God they are fake and that "God will laugh. God, is
really funny Mommy and he loves to laugh!"

Needless to say I was disappointed. The energy in his room had felt good when I left and I could only assume that this new person was Drakes’ spirit guide who perhaps he had not actually seen before. It never occurred to me that Drake might be afraid of his spirit guide. Or perhaps I had not closed the portal properly. But whatever it was it was not right that Drake should be frightened.

This time I did the clearing at a distance, but I also considered that perhaps the land itself might be an energetic hotspot. A place where the veil between the 3rd and 4th dimensions is quite thin. Therefore I decided to clear across all directions of time because if the land was a portal then Drake would be sharing his space with not only the past but the future.

I cleared my space in exactly the same way and connected telepathically back to Marisa’s home. I asked all spirits to leave not only the house but the land on which it is built, across all directions of time. I imagined a portal opening again and saw a large number of people go through. I then asked that the portal be closed but this time I made sure it was locked and sealed. I also emailed some advice on protecting Drakes space with angels, crystals etc and explaining how fear itself can attract exactly what you fear most and seeing Drakes fear was of his room that perhaps Marisa change Drakes bedroom to the playroom at least for a while which is what she decided to do.

The result was

… I am happy to report that Drake slept through the night for the first time in his entire life. We moved his bed into the playroom. He was so happy. He helped Bert move the bed-he couldn't wait to get out of that room. He was all smiles when he went to sleep. He didn't kick, punch or hit me, he didn't thrash, he didn't cry out or yell for help. I don't know if it was the room change or your clearing but thank you! He woke up and told me he had a good sleep and he was happy in his new room. The dog slept alone in the old room last night with no problem so I think it was your clearing that did the trick.

For the next few weeks Drake slept in the playroom with his dog and there were no more strange occurances anywhere in the house. I thought we were done.

Then I had another email from Marisa. After having redecorated his old room Drake asked if he could move back in there. He had obviously lost his fear because he kept asking so eventually Marisa allowed Drake to move back into his old room. Here’s another extra from an email with what happened next.

…. a few nights ago I saw something strange and I'm hoping you can tell me what it is. I was asleep next to Drake; facing him. I was sound asleep and suddenly I felt my eyes pop open. About an inch over Drake's face I saw a lot of swirling colors floating there. For lack of a better description it looked like strings or maybe even a slinky but it moved fluidly like a jelly fish’s tenticals. It was many, many different rainbow type colors. It did not look like the orb I saw before which was higher by the ceiling and more like a firecracker sparkling. Anyway, I immediately reached out to knock it away but my hand went through it and it disappeared-faded away really…. I fell asleep and at some point my eyes popped open again and I saw the same thing right in front of my face-about a foot in front of me only this time it was red and green. I screamed and tried to knock it away but my hand went through it and it faded away. So now my question is, is it coincidence? is it me? is it the room? and what was that I saw?

aura8Quite a shock to wake up and see stuff swirling in front of you I suppose but fear is the problem. What we fear most is often the unknown and what we don’t know we start to imagine and our conscious imagination is what can lead us astray. This is why the more you learn about your gifts, especially clairvoyance (clear seeing) the less there is to be frightened of. What do you think the colours were Marisa was seeing? Their AURA that’s right. There are different ways of photographing auras now and this is what they look like.

So the end of the story is the last email I got from Marisa

“I just said to Bert last night, "Where have all our ghosts gone?" "Why has nothing exciting happened?" I suppose you have moved them on! I kinda miss the action to tell you the truth.