Reunited: a personal view of 2012

Prediction Magazine January 2012

As we enter 2012, key questions arise. Will the Mayan calendar’s completion invite the end of the world? Will the Poles shift? Will an asteroid hit us or aliens invade? Or will we be at the mercy of earthquakes, eruptions and plagues as religious prophecies play out? I don’t think so. More likely is a shift in human consciousness. We are currently experiencing significant transformation, when we come out of our individual separateness (ego) and choose to live with ‘soul’, acknowledging our shared origin, our ‘oneness’. This is a time when fanaticism ends and the vast majority choose to live in peace and harmony.


The ancient civilizations knew and recognised our oneness, as do all today’s world religions if you can see through the propaganda into their core message. But our current way of being has evolved from a focus on our imaginings of the unknown, on gaining power over others, on the rule of control through fear. This is changing.

India in the 1930’s saw Mahatma Gandhi ‘quietly’ take on the British Empire. Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela brought about the end of legalised segregation. More recently the Australian government apologised for their part in the atrocities committed against the Aboriginal people, especially the ‘asset stripping’ of children from their families. And now the Middle East is seeing a resurgence of ‘people power’ as dictators are being ousted.

The change is also reflected in the increasing numbers who are seeking greater meaning in their life.  As ancient philosophers and quantum physics concur, our world is a result of our quantum beliefs, loves and fears. But who chooses what we think about? Is it society, habitual behaviour or ourselves? We can now consciously take control over what we choose to think and feel. If we focus our attention on fear that is the reality we experience, but if we focus on joy then that becomes our real experience. The more of us who choose to enter and live from our soul essence and ‘be’ what we want the world to be, the greater the power for such a change in our reality. I believe the 21st December 2012 is a gateway, offering passage to a state of unity – our soul essence rather than our egoic fears.

In numerological terms 21.12.2012 equates to the number 11, a master number that reflects unity and balance. We are reaching the point necessary to tip the consciousness of all humanity as outlined by Rupert Sheldrake’s formative causation theory. This is supported by Peter Russell who believes when the world population reaches 1010 (in 2012) the separate parts lose their individual identity and become components of the larger whole. In 2012 we have the opportunity to become whole again and choose how we evolve consciously not only individually but collectively.

Message from Sandalphon, Archangel of Earth
“You are Divine beings, individual parts of the Divine creative energy that is all things. You have chosen to experience your life in human form, with the paradoxes of light and dark and to manifest the inner light into the physical realm. You cannot know joy without knowing sorrow, you cannot know oneness until you know what it is to be separated. At this time of intergalactic alignment you can consciously choose to manifest your soul qualities. If you choose to be at peace with yourself by feeling peace, by being peace, you will create peace in your world. If you choose express compassion, love yourself and each other then you will become one with everything. If you choose to notice commonalities rather than differences, and let go of fear, then you create a better reality for yourselves. You can consciously choose how you wish to think and feel. No need to react from habitual, ego based fears. You can be who you want to be and manifest your soul qualities of peace, love, joy, happiness, forgiveness, hope, compassion and grace. By improving your experience of your world you improve the reality for all and create Heaven upon Earth.”

About Joylina Goodings:

A leading angel channel, soul expert, counsellor and writer, Joylina Goodings offers soul coaching, spiritual holidays, angel guidance and private readings.  She is the author of Your Angel Journey and is a teacher at the College of Psychic Studies in London.