Is Time Speeding Up?

Great Philosophers across the ages from Egypt, India, Tibet, China and Greece The Maya The Inca, Hebrew Cabbalists, and Newton etc. have all stated that time is not stagnant or linear, Rather it flows in cycles. Like the Milky Way, which is a spiraling galaxy. We know things happen in cycles. Eg the phases of the sun, moon and earth. The appearance of sunspots is also cyclical. 

According to the Guatemalan elders of the Eagle Clan we have entered the phase of the 5th sun. They define the phases as: 

• 1st Sun was feminine - fire 

• 2nd Sun masculine - earth 

• 3rd Sun Feminine - air 

• 4th Sun masculine - water 

• 5th Sun integrated - ether - balanced in harmony, which exists beyond the confines of time and space - a fusion of polarities that eliminate the need for separation.  

According to the Hindu YUGA as depicted on the Great Cross at Hendaye in France, and the French alchemist Fulcanelli, there are 4 ages of life and time. Each age takes 6,480 years and feels different because in each age we travel a different distance. There are also larger cycles such as the cycle of our galaxy around the universal centre. 

YUGA and Fulcanelli believe that we are in the age of iron. The Iron Age apparently comes to an end with the galactic alignment as we near the next golden age, though they differ on when this time actually is. 

• Golden age - Satua Yuga - Limuria - 1,728000 years 

• Silver age - Tereta - things start Atlantis - 1,296000 

• Bronze age - Dvapara - the fall - 864000 

• Iron age - Kali Yuga - corruption becomes the driving force - 432,000 

As it speeds up it eventually reaches zero point where it can only start again.  

torusThe science behind this is the Torus Hypersphere which is the latest idea behind the functioning of the universe: 

"The hypershere occurs throughout the natural world! Tornados, ma?gnetic fields and other vortices are all sections of the hypershere. Model by Arthur C Block?  A hypershere is in motion pulling though itself. As the whole of the donut constantly flows through its center hole, its outside goes into its inside and its inside goes to its outside. So where or what is inside or outside? 

Take the advent of communication / language and its reach. 

We started with Symbolic language; sharing of info started with rock art, thousands of years ago, then hieroglyphs the first writing. Next came people learning to read, then printing, radio, TV, computers and now the Internet. Computer power is doubling every 18 months. Eventually we have to reach the point known as singularity when the computer is better and faster than the human brain and this is estimated to be sometime in early 2020.

Singularity is when something cannot go any further; when an equation breaks down and has no further meaning. We can see time speeding up in our own lifetime through the speed at which our intelligence is evolving. 

• 1960’s - 64 times faster 

• 2010 - 64 times faster 

• 2012 - 64 times faster 

Human life has strange connections with all of this as well. 

Currently average human life span is 72 years; 25,960 days 

And consider the relativity of time. 

It takes 72 years to travel one degree of the equinox. The total cycle being 25,960 years approx 26,000 

Now consider the relativity of time. 

• Birth to 18 - golden age time goes slowly 

• 18 – 36 - silver age goes faster 

• 36 – 54 - bronze age - time is running out must get things done 

• 54 – 72 - Iron Age - time flies - I am definitely in the Iron Age. 

As we know, the sun started crossing the galactic equator back in 1980 and perhaps this is giving us the opportunity for change. 

According to Jose Arguelles, on 16/17 August 1987 there was a galactic alignment known as the Harmonic Convergence, which is said to have enhanced a change in human consciousness. Think about it? How has your life changed between then and now? Jose Arguelles believes there is a 25-year countdown to a dramatic period of evolutionary change affecting the entire planet. He calls this time, Galactic Synchronization, a period when the earth will go through an astronomical shift that will bring it into alignment with powerful forces of change.