Creating Balance & Harmony in our Lives and in World

Silent Voices September 2012.

September 21st is the autumn equinox when both north and south hemispheres of our planet are equally balanced between light and dark. This happens twice a year every year at the autumn and spring equinoxes I know how often I have jumped back onto my ‘hampster wheel’, without noticing even though I know better.  It gives us two opportunities a year to not only recreate balance and harmony in our daily lives and ourselves as well as share these energies with our world.  Can you imagine our world today if we all physically practised living in harmony with each other. 

After the hectic summer with the Queen's Jubilee and the Olympics and the the ever changing energies of the cosmos many of us have been feeling very unbalanced.  This was mitigated slightly by the Dalai Lama's tour of the UK. The cosmos also heralded many opportunities for change. We are in a time of great change and we know we need to go with the flow, but it is not easy to break the habits of a lifetime. Organisations and governments struggle to keep the world as we know it. To keep their power and control whilst we strive to exist and create a better world in harmony with both our planet, our solar system and each other.

We have been raised to believe we are ‘in control’ of our lives. We want to believe this and do our best to make it be true. We plan our careers, we plan for our futures etc. we know what we ‘think’ we want and when we get it we create another goal because we still arn’t happy. In reality we can’t control whether we get made redundant, whether someone we care about love us, or when the sun comes up. We are, of course, only in control of how we experience it the world around us.

There are no coincides in life only synronicities. Everything has a purpose and the current challenges are just that, opportunities for us to grow and transcend our egoic behaviours and live to our highest potential, from our soul’s. Personally I know I will be happier and I know it's just part of my journey, but knowing that doesn't necessarily make it any easier.

The planets have been helping us, forcing us to go into our selves and release old thought forms and patterns of behaviour. With the veil between the dimensions getting thinner and all the new energies available to us, we now have the knowledge that we can and do create our own lives and environment. 

But how do we do it.?  
I, like everyone else, have the opportunity to evolve consciously. We can choose how we want to think and feel and behave at every moment of the day, in every circumstance. We can chose to integrate our ego and essence and live from our soul. The Dalai Lama says that man's basic nature is Compassion' and I have always felt this to be true. It is our first emotion when anything horrible happens anywhere in the world. The focus on the teachings of the Dalai Lama's tour this year was to BE THE CHANGE and he spent most of his time speaking to the young who are our future.  But they cannot grow and create the change unless we show them how. Set a different example and show them the way to BE THE CHANGE. We have been given and are continuing to be given many opportunities to create balance and harmony in our lives and we can all BE TODAY WHAT WE WANT TO BECOME TOMORROW.   

What stops us?
Mainly our everyday habits and simply not remembering to DO IT. Also our unconscious fears and of course our past life experiences.

For many generations the masculine energy of logic, reason, protection, control has prevailed. Now the feminine of love, nurture, intuition and compassion, is returning. It is now time to balance these two energies. The masculine energy of the protector, provider, which is something we all need to survive, but in itself it nurtures fear. The feminine energy is that of nurturer, peace, acceptance. It is by integrating these two energies in balance that we can develop a peaceful, safe, world, where, in the words of John Lennon’s immortal song Imagine, we create ‘a brotherhood of man’.

We have chosen to live our human lives now at this time of transformation and change, so lets consciously evolve and turn our world into a place of love, unity and peace by asking ourselves what actions we can take in our daily lives to bring these qualities to life within ourselves, our families, our communities and our world.