Creating a Feng Shui Vision Board

bagua mapCreating A Vision Board – A good time to do this is as we start to let go of one year and make way for the next, the last new moon of the old year is a great time to make a start on creating your vision board for the coming year. Then it will be all ready for the beginning of the New Year. If not then create it on New Year’s Day.

Other opportunities could be the first new moon of the year, the Chinese New Year or whenever, there is never a time when you should not create a vision board. Whenever you do it is just right for you. I will say, the first time I did this I was very skeptical but over the years as things have materialized it has become a must in my life.

There are many ways of creating vision boards, below are the three methods I have used over the years. (In a way a vision board is a more practical way of “asking the angels” and does not require a belief in angels to do it. As you create your vision board then so you create the energy, you create something physical that represents what you are “asking the angels” for. It adds energy and lets the angels know precisely what you want to achieve, whether you believe in them or not.)

The simplest way is to just think about everything you want to achieve, or places you want to go in the year and have some fun to create the energy. Get pictures from magazines representing everything you want and stick or pin them to a board then place the board somewhere where you will see it everyday. So start collecting magazines etc and search through them for pictures, words and phrases that represent what you want in your life.

For example, if you want to be a best-selling author, you might have a picture of a book that’s already on the Best Seller List. You may have a picture of a car or somewhere you’d like to travel. Once you have cut out your pictures, words and phrases, you would then go about pasting them onto a piece of poster board, ending up with your completed vision board. You can also if you wish create your own words and pictures. So in the example above you could create a picture of the front cover of your own book and put Best Seller across it.

I personally use a cork-board and pin things to it. Then they can be moved around easily, removed as they are achieved and replaced with something new. My vision board is an ongoing commitment to my future, not just for a particular year and changes annually. Don’t worry about how you are going to make it all happen just do it. Treat it lightly and see what wonderful opportunities open up for you next year.

I know years ago I put two pictures on my vision board one was a picture of a Gold Meganne Convertible. It represented a new car I was going to need in the coming year. I was not too fussed about the colour. Later that year when my car came up for renewal, there it was, a gold Meganne Convertible.

Combining Goals with Vision To take your vision board one step further, you can link it directly to your written goals. First, make sure that you have written goals for each area of your life; i.e. work, family, friends, relationships, health & fitness, spirituality, growth, etc. Writing down your goals is an important step in helping you achieve them. Once you have your written goals, you can then go in search of visual representations of those goals.

This is a little more specific than just looking through magazines to find something that appeals to you. This time you are looking very specifically for things that represent your written goals. Once you have these pictures, words and phrases, whether you have got them from magazines or you have created them yourself on your computer, you again pin or paste them onto a piece of poster board and this time, you have a vision board that mirrors your written goals.

This adds an extra dimension to your goal setting, so not only can you read your goals every day, you can ‘see’ them, quickly at a glance. Since most people’s minds work in symbols and these are usually pictures, this helps you see more clearly, what you want and gives you confidence in the fact that you can and will accomplish them, which of course, helps you to accomplish them faster and more effectively. If there is a big long-term goal you are aiming to achieve then put something that symbolically is the entire creation and then put individual steps towards it. As you achieve the individual steps the end goal gets closer to the top. Now you can see why cork boards and pins can be useful.

Creating a Feng Shui Vision Board – By adding the Feng Shui Element we can take our vision board another step further. This time, you take your written goals as well as all the pictures, words, phrases you have collected that represent those goals and instead of just putting them onto your board in a haphazard way, you can use a Feng Shui tool known as the Bagua Map to lay out your board very strategically to make use of universal energy and the energy in your home.

The Bagua Map is simply an energy layout of your home. It is a tool which is used in Feng Shui to identify the areas of your home as they relate to the different aspects of your life. So there is an area for career, one for health, relationships, finances, and so on. Here’s what it looks like:

bagua map

Now, simply divide up your board the same way, divide you pictures, words and phrases into each area and put them in the appropriate place on your board. This will empower each goal with its’ appropriate energy, thus working with universal energy rather than any old way. It will give more energy and power to each goal because you are relating it to each specific area of life.

At this point you may well want to do a life balance wheel to see which areas of your life are most important to you and how much energy you actually put into them. Most of us feel our family is most important to us but when doing a life balance wheel discover most of our time and energy goes into our work. A life balance wheel shows you where you are putting most of your energy and focus and where you may need to put more.

This method is not only very revealing, it is also incredibly powerful. Creating your vision board this way helps you become very aware of your hopes, dreams and wishes. It gives them substance and helps you manifest them. When you consciously know what you want and take action that moves the energy towards them then the universe and the angels will help you create them much more efficiently and effectively.

Obviously sometimes there cross-overs where some goals appertain to more than one area of life. You may not be sure where it should go. Trust you intuition put it where it feels comfortable for now or put it in the middle where it can influence everything.

Doing a vision board in these ways help you become clearer about where you are in your life and where you want to be as well as harnessing universal energies to help you manifest the life of your dreams. Remember you don’t need to know “how” you are going to achieve it, just that you are and when the time is right you “Will”.

What I have found really interesting in doing these exercises a number of times over the years, is that as I have grown then so my hopes dreams and wishes have grown and changed. The opportunity for me to achieve everything on my vision boards has eventually arrived. What is so interesting is that sometimes, when the opportunity for achieving something which may have been on the vision board for a few years actually comes along, then I suddenly realize it is not necessarily what I want. It is so freeing when I can turn it away without regret rather than what used to happen which was, wanting and waiting, wanting and waiting and being unhappy with what I had, always seeking more. Now with the emphasis of being grateful for what I have and having certainty (through experience, but I had to start somewhere) that everything on the vision board will come when the time is right, I can be happy and grateful NOW and so can YOU.