2015 What does it hold for us all Astrologically & Numerologically

As an overall year 8 it brings with it the vibrations of 8. Assisting us in raising our self-confidence, self-esteem and allowing us to step into our personal power in all areas of our lives. 8 is also connected to finance, abundance, wealth and prosperity, so at last, if we work together, the world will come out of recession. 8 also encourages us to take responsibility for our choices, for our free will as it breaks down the barriers to transformation whilst it gives us clarity & courage to create our vision and transform our world for the better.

8 brings, peace, balance and harmony.A number of planets are retrograde this year and during these retrograde phases we are asked to look more deeply into ourselves and to release what blocks us from becoming all of ourselves. Whichever is your personal year number and whichever house each retrograde planet is placed within your personal astrological chart obviously makes all the difference. (To find a fully certified astrologer go to www.britishastrologicalandpsychicsociety.co.uk/astrolgy

jupiterWe enter 2015 with Jupiter already retrograde in Leo from 8.12.14 – 8.4.15.  Jupiter is the planet of good luck. Bringer of Joy and during this retrograde period will encourage us to let go of the more material aspects of life and seek inner peace.  Encouraging us to think for ourselves and find more spiritual answers to our problems. Jupiter and Leo will give us strength and energy to focus on and connect to raising ever-expanding forms of higher truth and share a deeper connection with all. As Jupiter comes out of retrograde in April we will regain our newfound confidence and strength but with a more spiritual clarity and direction.

Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn on 16.4.15 - 24.9.15. This is a period of facing our individual and collective control issues. A time to re-evaluate what we value most. It makes us face our fears of letting go but with Capricorn’s more grounding influence allowing us to learn from history and let go without fear, for Pluto works with 8 to release karma.

Saturn turns retrograde in Scorpio from 14.3.15 – 13.8.15.  Saturn is a hard taskmaster and has a tendency to make it feel as if everything is moving ultra slow. I does, however, force us to confront and release all issues relating to authority.  Scorpio’s influence makes us seek further and connect to our inner being and divine nature.

800 years ago this year the Magna Carta was signed, being the first charter of human rights and heralding a new era of democracy. This came about from actions those in Authority, demanding absolute Control driven by Power and Greed.  (the actions taken by the feudal King John during 2014 (an 8 year)). He needed money and tried to tax it from the people. You can almost feel the issues of the planets above being played out. The powerful and greedy being brought down by their own acts. The people find the courage to stand firm and bring change, not only for themselves, but, for all others.

The processes started in the years leading up to year 8 resulting in its signing in 1215 a 9 year expressing completion. We have seen this happening over and over again in the last few years ourselves with many cupboards being cleared of their skeletons. So what we sow this year will be reaped next year in 2016 a 9 year and for many years into the future. 8 is also the number of the spiritual law of Cause & Effect and as we take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, actions and the results we manifest in our individual lives, which is the culmination of our society and the world we live in, then so we create the clarity necessary to change.

8 is the number of Spiritual Enlightenment, of Karma creating peace balance and harmony in the each and every one of us, in the world and across all directions of time. In the tarot the major arcana card of 8 is strength so as we connect to our inner strength, wisdom, vision and desire to expand our spiritual consciousness the so we create peace, balance and harmony within ourselves and our earth in our time.