2012 - What's it all about? Myths, Prophecies & Legends


2012,  what’s it all about?  My Apologies if I represent anything incorrectly but what follows are my understandings of what I have come across.  The subject is vast and the amount on the internet overwhelming, so if I do not refer to anything that is close to your heart forgive me. According to the prophecies of many indigenous peoples across Asia, North & South America, Africa and Australasia something is due to happen NOW as you read this. The most topical is the ending of the Mayan Calendar.

The Mayan civilization lived around 1500 years ago in what is now Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala. They were preceded by the Olmecs and succeeded by the Aztecs.  They seemed to have appeared from no-where and then vanished in the space of 500 or so years. They were stargazers and they created the most accurate galactic clock we had prior to the atomic clock. They studied the stars and their calendar follows the passage of our solar system around the galactic centre; i.e. the procession of the equinox, which is a 26,000-year cycle. This calendar ends on 21.12.2012 hence all the prophecies.

Let me say at the outset that I do not believe that the world will end on that date.   Nor do I believe there will be any significant events.   I do believe that we are in a time of quantum change.   A change in human consciousness in which we all have a part to play.   But more of that later.   I will deal with the history and the doom and gloom first. The Mayans believed that the centre of time and space would be revealed when the big calendar ends with the galactic alignment.  

The Mayan Calendar is basically a galactic clock that tracts the rare celestial alignment of our sun and our planet within the galactic centre over a 26,000-year period. It began in 3114 BC, at the same time as the Egyptian Hieroglyphs started.

The Earth wobbles on its 23.5o  axis every 13,000 years, at which time, on the midwinter solstice, the sun and earth are aligned with the galactic centre. Alignment zone is 1980 – 2016 where the winter solstice sun rises in line with the galactic equator. You’ll find an explanation of this at…

Procession of the Equinox http://www.crystalinks.com/precession.html Earths axis

precession of earth axisSince 1980 the sun has been crossing the equator of our galaxy. On the 21 12 2012 our planet and our sun will be in direct alignment with the centre of our galaxy and, some say, the universe.

At the centre of our galaxy, the Milky Way is a quasar, which emits types of radio waves; gamma rays, electromagnetic rays, cosmic dust etc from which suns and planets are formed. Like a dormant volcano that, occasionally becomes active and spews forth “stuff”. NASA says we are a dormant galaxy others say last time the quasar at the centre of the milky way was active was 13,000 years ago. It possibly lasted 1000 years. From earth it is said it would probably have looked like an eye. Some refer to it as the womb of the world and it may have given raise to the many Goddess myths about the birth of creation.

We know there are periodic outbursts every 26000 years
The earth is 26000 light years from the galactic centre
Quasar erupts every 26000 years
Human life span = approx 26000 days
Gestation period = 260 days
Remember the Mayan sacred number = 260 days

Our science has always been based on matter - Mayan science was based on resonance; i.e. vibration. Quantum physics is catching up

SO WHAT ARE SOME OF THE THEORIES  being put forward.  There are those like me who believe this is an opportunity for a new beginning. Such as:

  • A leap in quantum consciousness
  • Time speeding up
  • Conscious Evolution creating unity, peace, harmony and balance in our world
  • Even alien intelligence teaching and reprogramming our DNA through sacred geometry and crop circles.

One thing is certain and that is that although we are looking today at these theories in relation to the end of the Mayan Calendar there are also other prophecies from different parts of the world which we will touch on as we go.

Then there are the doom and gloom merchants such as…

  • Pole shift
  • Sunspots
  • Armageddon
  • Alien encounters
  • Mother earth eliminating a parasite i.e. us
Seeing I want to end on a positive note we will look at the doom and gloom merchants first. 

POLE SHIFTS - Greg Braydon

We know that once in a while our north and south poles change places and have done so 171 times in 76 million years 14 times in the last 4.5.million years.

Symptoms of a pole shift:

  • Abrupt rapid changes in weather patterns
  • Weakening of the planets magnetic fields

These are happening and it seems we are overdue a pole shift.
Peak magnetic intensity was 2000 years ago – since then we have lost 38% of which 7% is within the last 100 years, so it is speeding up. We know birds follow the magnetic field as they migrate and we know more and more birds are getting lost.

So perhaps the earth is in the middle of a polar reversal.

Apparently the last polar shift seems to have been linked to events with our celestial neighbours and galaxies.

Magnetic intensity also affects us as well.
Humans have millions of magnetic receptors in our brains and we know magnetic fields affect our nervous system, our immune system and the perception of space and time, dreams and reality.

The magnetic field varies in different parts of the world and seems to play a key role in how we accept new ideas and change.

The magnetic field seems to create an energetic glue – the stronger it is the more resistant to change and the weaker it is the more we create change which, once going, does not seem to be able to stop. Interestingly enough it was very weak in northern Europe during the 1980’s when communism collapsed. At the moment? It is very strong in the Middle East.

Some Sharmen in Peru say we are approaching Pacha Cuti which literally means ‘world turned upside down’.

SUNSPOTS and magnetic storms run in predictable cycles. 23 cycles of 11 years each. The The last began in May 1996 and were the most intense ever recorded. They stopped on 10th March 2006. They have never happened within the galactic centre and the most intense and violent time is predicted to be 2012. Apparently communications often get knocked out by sun storms and look how dependent we are on all forms of communication

ARMEGEDON - The BIBLE CODE - Michael Dronsnins excerpt from Lawrence E Joseph
God will annihilate the earth in 2012 is the conclusion reached in book.

Michael Dronsnin purports to have decoded a divine code encoded in the Bible - comets are expected to pound the earth in 2010. (NASA has nothing on the radar as yet).

Armageddon is actually a place - a hill overlooking the Megiddo plain in Israel. It is said to be the hill where the war between good and evil will be played out; when Jesus shall return to earth or the Messiah will come; when Allah will rain supreme. It is what a significant number of Christians, Jews and Muslims HOPE and pray will happen.

It is also possible that this is the one end-time prophecy which is open to different interpretations. It is also the one we may have the power to influence. More of this later. The vast majority, of course, do not want Armegedonto be the end of the world. But since when has the majority ruled? Fanatics rule and history shows us the vast majority do nothing, including vote.

In the Middle East, a particularly troubled part of the world, there is a 50 million dollar plan to build a Christian theme park at Armageddon. Led by the Israeli government and American evangelical groups, known as the National Association of Evangelicals, a 125-acre site along the banks of the Sea of Galilee, which will be known as the Galilee World Heritage site, should open in late 2011 early 2012.

Further, in 2005 the oldest Christian church in the world was accidentally unearthed in Megiddo. Known to date back to the 3rd or 4th century AD, it is currently being restored and the opening date is estimated as 2010 – 2012

What energies will these two events bring to this already troubled part of the world?

So, for the positives. What else do we know?


In 1909 British physicist Geoffrey Ingrave Taylor discovered that the mere presence of consciousness affects the way quantum particles behave. Other experiments have been done both in Israel in 1998 and in America since, when it has been found that the more consciousness ie people the greater the influence proved to be.

Then there is the famous occassion when two scientists watched the same experiment the one who expected to see a wave saw a wave and the person who expected a particle saw a particle.

Our world is a result of our quantum beliefs, loves, fears, and judgments. “We change our reality when we change the way we think and believe . So by changing the focus of our awareness we actually change our reality.” (1957 – Hugh Everett III).

ALBERT EINSTEIN said “YOU CANNOT SOLVE ANY PROBLEM IN THE SAME STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN WHICH IT WAS CREATED” - but we can change our individual states of consciousness, and thus our reality, in very simple ways.

Think about what is missing in your life. What do you want? How do you feel? Now think about what you have in your life. How do you feel? You have changed your state of consciousness in a moment. You have changed the way you feel and what you have chosen to think about. You have taken action that has affected you for the better.

MORPHIC RESONANCE. RUPERT SHELDRAKE has a theory called FORMATIVE CAUSATION THEORY, which means WHEN CRITICAL MASS IS REACHED, THIS IS THE MOMENT OF MORPHIC RESONANCE the point at which CONSCIOUSNESS MOVES SPECIES WIDE. This is shown through The Hundred Monkey Syndrome. There are 100 monkeys on an island.; One starts to wash its fruit in the stream before it eats. Another copies, then another. When the hundredth monkey washes its fruit all the rest of the monkeys in the world wherever they are start to wash their fruit. The knowledge has become species wide. It has become part of the collective unconscious.

EXAMPLES OF MORPHIC RESONANCE at work would be the fall of the Berlin Wall, & of course Gandhi who changed a nation because he had the courage to take action according to his own beliefs.

According to Peter Russell there are 1010 molecules in a human neuron and 1010 neurons in the human neo-cortex of the brain. The current world population is 109 and rising. He believes when the world population reaches 1010 the parts loose their individual identity, i.e. egos, and become components of the larger whole.

Think of our bodies. We are made up of millions of unique different cells all with different functions, all busy doing what they need to do to make up the whole, which is our body. There is so much of the brain we don’t use. So many strands of DNA whose function we don’t yet know. What may happen in those when we reach that point?


Many believe that current Human consciousness is an unnatural state of separation - Me and not me. The source of thought within us is separate from everything else. Because we feel cut off, we then WANT, we notice a lack, and from a place of lack, we want more or need more or hoard more and thus stop flow. But we can change the focus of our awareness and thus change our reality. For instance “count your blessings”.

What is Self-awareness - WHO are we truly? What IS it we want? Is it money that makes us happy? Is it being in control,? Is it being right? To be a leader of industry, or in a relationship. Is it To be successful? But what is success to you. It is different for everyone.

For example if you want a relationship what it is the quality you expect to receive from it. Presumably love, But that can come in many different ways, such as a baby, or a puppy, not just in a relationship.

Liberation of mind from its attachments, i.e. beliefs and need to control etc, is just the first step. Sense of I-ness, sense of self, is just an illusion, like the world being flat. The more we learn, the more our perception of reality changes.

Mystics recognise that the concept of the unique self is an illusion and that a separate ‘me’ is a fantasy – we, along with everything else, are interconnected. So we begin to realise we are awareness, consciousness and presence. We can search and have our own mystical experience. Then we remember we have to pay the mortgage and we fall back into old patterns and feelings of lack.

We are the consciousness in which thoughts take place and we are the consciousness that take the actions. So, by changing our thoughts, we can change our actions and thus we change our reality.

As we enter the wisdom age. Something, a new single spiritual philosophy is being distilled from all spiritual wisdoms. Things happen faster, people are awakening and Awakening can be sudden - who would have predicted the collapse of communism. Interestingly enough apparently AT that time the magnetic resonances of the earth in northern Europe were very low.

Look at the growth of the current wave of spirituality. People’s individual need to search for more and better answers. Discontent with the way our lives are and the way world is going. We often ponder “There must be more to life than this”.


Dr. Andrew Newburg - A Neurologist and leading expert on higher states of consciousness on the brain, has studied long-term meditators, from all religious backgrounds, Tibetan Lamas, Rabbis, Priests, Sharman, and those who both give and receive the oneness blessing. From my perspective, and I have received a number of oneness blessings they feel exactly like receiving Reiki attunements, a Reconnection or a spiritual healing.

Dr Newburg discovered that physical changes take place in the brain that induces a natural realization of “oneness” and the sense of the separate self disolves.

Arjuna Ardagh - has researched many people who have had a Near Death Experience and sees them as Awakened people. After their experience they no longer see themselves as separate. They seem to have a sense of calm and tranquility as they go about their lives and they seem to be able to keep things in perspective. He sees them as Translucent People: Translucent light passes through them and they appear to be glowing from the inside out. Mother Mira, Mother Teresa, some religious leaders, Sharmen and many other wise people we encounter, just seem to glow. They have access to their deepest natures as peaceful, limitless, free and at the same time remain fully involved in their lives. Their personal story is still there, the joys, sorrows, pain and laughter, fears and hopes, but there is a deeper knowing.

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE OF DANNIAN BRINKLY 17th SEPTEMBER 1975. Clinically dead for 28 minutes. He experienced going through a tunnel of bright light to life review and was then shown 117 major world events from the future. By 2002 100 had taken place. He was shown that between 2011 and 2012 there would be the return of an energy system that existed here long ago which would culminate in an electromagnetic pole shift between 2012 and 2014, which would present human kind with the opportunity to raise its consciousness. For more information see http://www.dannion.com/

The Pineal gland is very sensitive to changes in the earth’s magnetic field and secretes something called DMT into the blood. A natural hallucinogenic, it is produced by the gland during mystical experiences, NDE and, of course, synthetically with flyagaric mushrooms, Ayawasha, LSD etc. Those who have had near death experiences have shown to have elevated levels of DMT in their bloodstreams.

So it appears a geomagnetic reversal (Pole shift) could trigger the pineal gland into producing DMT in us all, thus raising everyone’s consciousness psychic and telepathic abilities in one go.

Sharmen from Peru are predicting a huge evolutionary leap to what they are calling homo luminous. The great avatars like Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Mohamed may have been early homo-luminons


Great Philosophers across the ages from Egypt, India, Tibet, China and Greece The Maya The Inca, Hebrew Cabbalists, and Newton etc. have all stated that time is not stagnant or linear, Rather it flows in cycles. Like the Milky Way, which is a spiraling galaxy. We know things happen in cycles. Eg the phases of the sun, moon and earth.  The appearance of sunspots is also cyclical.

According to the Guatemalan elders of the Eagle Clan we are entering the phase of the 5th sun. They define the phases as

  • 1st Sun was feminine - fire
  • 2nd Sun masculine - earth
  • 3rd Sun Feminine - air
  • 4th Sun masculine - water
  • 5th Sun integrated - ether - balanced in harmony, which exists beyond the confines of time and space - a fusion of polarities that eliminate the need for separation.


According to the Hindu YUGA as depicted on the Great Cross at Hendaye in France, and the French alchemist Fulcanelli, there are 4 ages of life and time. Each age takes 6,480 years and feels different because in each age we travel a different distance. There are also larger cycles such as the cycle of our galaxy around the universal centre.

YUGA and Fulcanelli believe that we are in the age of iron. The Iron Age apparently comes to an end with the galactic alignment as we near the next golden age, though they differ on when this time actually is.

  • Golden age - Satua Yuga - Limuria - 1,728000 years
  • Silver age - Tereta - things start Atlantis - 1,296000
  • Bronze age - Dvapara - the fall - 864000
  • Iron age - Kali Yuga - corruption becomes the driving force - 432,000

As it speeds up it eventually reaches zero point where it can only start again.

HyperspheretorusThe science behind this is the Torus Hypersphere which is the latest idea behind the functioning of the universe:

"The hypershere occurs throughout the natural world! Tornados, ma?gnetic fields and other vortices are all sections of the hypershere. Model by Arthur C Block. ?A hypershere is in motion pulling though itself. As the whole of the donut constantly flows through its center hole, its outside goes into its inside and its inside goes to its outside. So where or what is inside or outside

Take the advent of communication / language and its reach.

We started with Symbolic language; sharing of info started with rock art, thousands of years ago, then hieroglyphs the first writing. Next came people learning to read, then printing, radio, TV, computers and now the Internet. Computer power is doubling every 18 months. Eventually we have to reach the point known as singularity when the computer is better and faster than the human brain and this is estimated to be sometime in early 2020.

Singularity is when something cannot go any further; when an equation breaks down and has no further meaning. We can see time speeding up in our own lifetime through the speed at which our intelligence is evolving.

  • 1960’s - 64 times faster
  • 2010 - 64 times faster
  • 2012 - 64 times faster

Estimated Zero point December 2012

Human life has strange connections with all of this as well.

Currently average human life span is 72 years; 25,960 days
And consider the relativity of time.
It takes 72 years to travel one degree of the equinox. The total cycle being 25,960 years approx 26,000
Now consider the relativity of time.

  • Birth to 18 - golden age time goes slowly
  • 18 – 36 - silver age goes faster
  • 36 – 54 - bronze age - time is running out must get things done
  • 54 – 72 - Iron Age - time flies - I am definitely in the Iron Age.

As we know, the sun started crossing the galactic equator back in 1980 and perhaps this is giving us the opportunity for change.

According to Jose Arguelles, on 16/17 August 1987 there was a galactic alignment known as the Harmonic Convergence, which is said to have enhanced a change in human consciousness. Think about it? How has your life changed between then and now? Jose Arguelles believes there is a 25-year countdown to a dramatic period of evolutionary change affecting the entire planet. He calls this time, Galactic Synchronization, a period when the earth will go through an astronomical shift that will bring it into alignment with powerful forces of change.


Many Predictions from many traditions point to a quantum shift in consciousness around 2012.

New Science has proven 11 different dimensions co-existing in the same moment. We know that the vibration of a molecule creates the density of the matter created.  We know we are matter vibrating slowly because in reality we are a mass of vibrating molecules made up of 99% space. We know water has been found in space and we know water activates DNA.

So where does leave us?

Did the Maya just vanish? Or did they manage to raise their vibration enough to just disappear i.e. transcend to the 4th dimension?

Is 2012 going to be the end of the world as suggested in the big new blockbuster film currently being released? Or is this a window of opportunity for evolution? Is it a choice point when we can individually and collectively transform our selves and our world? Are we wise enough to grasp this opportunity and emerge into our greater potentiality?

Do we now break down or break through? Perhaps the vast majority is being woken up. Perhaps this leap in consciousness will wake us up so we break through into the next step of evolution. That is, if we don’t want to destroy ourselves like cultures before us

Will you take ownership of your part in our collective future? The responsibility belongs to us all. As we work with our individual reality and perception of our world and ourselves, as we let go of the misconceptions, beliefs and fears that hold us back from living our true potential, perhaps we will reach Morphic Resonance and tip the scales into creating peace in our world and in our lifetimes.

If we have the will, we also have the way. My Angel Journey work is one. There are many tools and techniques to raise your consciousness and vibrations. Just as there are many different ways to GOD none are better than any other. They are all as different and unique as each of the cells in our bodies. To together they make one being.

Do we have the courage, the determination and the WISDOM, to become the best we can be, individually and thus ensure our survival.

The world as we know it is already changing. We already create our own reality by how we think, and feel, now as we take this opportunity to consciously create a happier reality then so the point of Morphic Resonance will be reached and we will have peace in our time.

I believe 2012 is a window of opportunity for evolution, a collective transformation, a choice point, and I firmly believe we all have the power and the responsibility to create our own new world. We just need to do it.