Shekinah on the Divine Feminine, Love, Power & Wisdom

Welcome dear ones. It is my pleasure to be here to day to talk to you of the energies around you now and how you can use them for yourselves to bring more love and loving actions into your lives.  

Firstly you are aware that you live in a world of paradox. Of duality. In your 3rd dimensional world this is the law of the universe. You would not know darkness if you did not know light. You would not know joy if you did not know sorrow. You would not know love if you did not know indifference. You would not know right if you did not know wrong.    

But what makes something right or wrong?   

Before you chose to incarnate on this plane and whilst you are in spirit you experience the one. For everything is one. You are connected to all things and all things are love.   

When you choose to come to the earth plane you come expressly to experience this duality and to express your soul self within this duality.  To express your true nature at all times and your true nature is love.

When you incarnate you come into the world as a baby. Innocent. Bringing the quality of unconditional love, of joy of acceptance. You accept your parents as your carers. Your parents accept you as a part of themselves. For in the union of the two a third as been created.

As when light is introduced to a dark place, there can be no darkness, so when love is introduced to any situation of a lower energy then that lower energy cannot exist.

How does this work in practice. When someone behaves in a way that you judge to be hurtful. It raises emotions within you. Instead of sending love to this person you are judging their behaviour as bad and hurtful. You get angry, you lower your energy to the same level or lower than the person who hurt you in the first place. But you can choose to suspended judgement, to accept this is just behaviour. If you maintained your loving energy level then their actions cannot affect you. When you combine acceptance with hate you create indifference which does not hurt you. It does not lower your personal vibration. You would see the situation as it is. As an energy that was hurting them. You would feel compassion. As you appreciate that all is one and that by hurting others you would be hurting yourself, then so you feel the love and compassion within and you bring light into their darkness.  

Whatever your life has been like so far, the love remains within. Like the sun it cannot be extinguished. In the hours of darkness the sun may not been seen but it is still there. It may have dropped below the horizon but it still exists and with time and patience it returns. When your weather is cloudy the sun is still there. There is still light, though it may not be so bright. But as the sun continues to do what it does, without judgement, then so the clouds burn away to reveal the warmth and light of the sunshine. Be like the sun. Let your love shine through and as you shine then so you shall bring light into the dark places within yourself and your world.

Another quality within each of you is wisdom. The deep inner wisdom of the soul. As you connect to the wisdom, the deep inner knowing of your soul and you combine it with love then so you step into me, the power of the The Shekinah within. Shekinah represents the deep hidden power of the feminine within all souls, the feminine aspect of the divine. As you connect to this energy and combine it with the love then so you create the third.

You enter your own power. Many souls on your world seek power. When used at the lower energy vibration this is seeking power over others. Seeking power for themselves over others to create their own selfish desires. But when combined with the highest vibrations of love and wisdom you tap into the power within yourself  and you bring your light into your world.

All your great spiritual teachers across all the ages and cultures have connected and experienced the love and wisdom within and without of themselves. They saw the light within each soul. They connected to the light within themselves and they taught love, acceptance and peace. It is by combining any 2 qualities that you will create a third. Love and power creates wisdom. Power and wisdom, creates love, love and wisdom create power. Love and acceptance create peace. Peace and love create joy.    

During these times you have unlimited energy being made available to you to bring into your awareness the possibilities that are available to you. At each moment of the day you can ask yourself what bringing love and acceptance into any situation or event would bring to that situation. Then you have the choice of your actions.

As you connect to the higher levels of love available on your world today then so you will bring that light into the dark places not only of yourselves but of all humanity as you prepare collectively for the coming ascension.