Raziel 11.11.11. Peace Love & Unity

This meditation is to enable you to anchor these energies and unify any soul fragments, sub-personalities etc. within yourself and to spread these energies around the world through the crystalline grid. We are reconnecting the universal masculine energies with the feminine earth energies and giving birth to the unity of ONE through your heart center.

You can take as much time and trouble to prepare for this meditation as you wish. You are creating a sacred space for yourself and the energies to transform our world. Lighting candles, incense, music etc. is very helpful. Frankinsense or Jasmine are good.

I recommend that if possible you get together with friends to do this meditation preferably at 11am or 11pm but if this is not possible then don’t worry because you will still access the energies and as there is no time in spirit you can connect to the energies at a time that suits you. After it will be 11 somewhere in the world and anything is always better than nothing.

Remember the more you actively use your imagination the more effect you will have in the quantum realm.

Peace Love & Unity London Meditation for 11.11.11.

Focus on your breathing. Breathe in peace and love and breathe out peace and love. Breathing in peace and love and breathing out peace and love.  Imagine putting all your problems in a basket at your feet. And with each out breathe you become more and more relaxed, more and more relaxed.  Focusing on your out-breathe imagine roots coming out of your feet and pushing down deep into the earth, deeper and deeper and with every out-breathe they go deeper and deeper and you become more and more relaxed. As you push your roots down and down, deep into the core of mother earth.  

Then focusing on your in breathe, begin to breath up those loving earth energies up through your roots. The energy may be any colour whatever colour is just right for you as you gently breathe this energy up and up and into your feet, feel your feet become warmer and more and more relaxed.  Breathe the energy up into your legs and feel the energy warm and relaxing moving up through your calves, your thighs and up into your base chakra.  See sense and feel you base chakra opening, some see their chakras as flowers with petals opening, some as spinning vortexes and some as crystals taking on colour.  However you see, sense or feel your chakras is just right for you as you continuing breathing the energy up through the front of your body through your sacrum, solar plexus and into your heart. Continue drawing up the energy through your throat chakra through your face feeling all the little muscles around your mouth, nose and eyes relaxing as the energy rises to your third eye and to your crown.   As the energy comes up through your crown see, sense and feel it going up as a big white silvery light up and up into the universe.  

See sense and feel it go up and up and up to the very center of our galaxy and out into the center of the universe as it seeks out and joins with the very core of universal creative energy. This energy may be any colour whatever colour is just right for you but it is often seen as pure gold light.

Then as you focus on your in breathe you start to breathe this pure golden energy back across the universe and back down into your crown.  Setting the intention and asking that any soul fragments from any past lives return to you now with this pure loving golden energy as you breathe it Down and down, down through body and down into your heart, filling your heart with love as you breathe this energy down and out and into mother earth.  Just get into a rhythm of breathing up the energy from mother earth, breathing it out into the universe, breathing the universal energy back into your body and out into mother earth.  Gently get into this pattern of breathing and see sense and feel them expanding out through earth’s leylines, carrying the energy through earths leylines out around the planet, see sense and feel the energy in the leylines expanding, strengthening and glowing and know that you are strengthening the 11.11.11. energies of peace love and unity onto our planet and sending them around the world to join with others doing exactly the same.  

Feel the energies merging see, sense and feel the energies merging and becoming one as you breathe them out into mother earth and

As you get into the pattern of breathing begin to bring your focus back to your heart chakra. See sense and feel the energies merging and unifying in your heart center.  Feel the love in your heart as these two energies merge and you begin to notice your own masculine and feminine merging and becoming one within your heart as you begin to focus on breathing these energies into your heart and feeling them merge within your heart center as you focus on breathing them out through your heart center and out into the world around you. See sense and feel these energies expanding out into your aura, your room, your home, your neighborhood, your country and around the world. See sense and feel these energies joining with others around the world creating a harmonious grid of peace love, unity, around our world. See sense and feel this grid getting stronger and stronger with each out breathe as your heart fills with peace, love and unity as you join with others and know that you are one. Continue this breathing as long as you wish and know that you are one with all things