Micah Angel of Patience

Channelled by Joylina Goodings February 2013 a downloadable audio version is available after the 'Read More" if you would like to listen and receive angelic healing as you do so.

Welcome dear ones.  We are so pleased in the angelic realms with how you are assimilating the new energies and your desire to move forward and to do your part in developing the energies of the new era and thus bring Peace to yourselves and your world. But remember that Patience is a Virtue and if you wish to connect to the Angels of Virtue then you must have developed Patience within you. 

Everything happens at the Divine Time by Divine Will for the highest good of all.  We appreciate this can be difficult for some of you but before you can fly and enter the higher dimensions you need to ensure that you are well grounded and your body acclimatised to the energies currently being expanded upon your earth. It is really about taking care of yourself and preparing for the higher level energies.  

Micah Angel of PatienceMany years ago in your time many of you would have gone out into the sun and stayed there until your skin was burned red. Now you have learned the dangers of over exposure to your sun and how to prepare and protect your skin before you do. Or before going Skiing you will prepare your body with strengthening exercises so as to avoid injury.  

So it is with the new energies and angels of the new era. If you make the connection before your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies have been acclimatised and balanced then a connection to the higher choirs may well leave you feeling even more separated rather than "at one".  As you would have to stay out of the sun for a while to protect your skin whilst you healed then so you would not wish to re-experience us at these higher choirs. The unconditional love you would experience  may well feel overwhelming to you.  

Also as we connect to you at these higher vibrations then so the veil between the dimensions thins and your psychic and spiritual experiences will grow and you will have a different perception on the reality of your world. Some have already experienced this phenomena and it has raised confusion and fear within them. This is not the intention as the purpose of these new higher energies is to eliminate fear from within and to end the separation that has existed within your world for so long.  

Some have already made these connections and expressed their experiences and views. They have been separated from your society because so many in your world fear what they do not understand or experience for themselves. They have not opened themselves to us. This is changing rapidly. 

You are the forerunners of things to come and you need to be prepared and your experiences and abilities need to grow and become commonplace for them to be accepted by the sceptics.  As science continues to discover that everything in the universe is connected and all things are one then so too will fears based on 'them and us' and the unknown come to an end and we all unite as the one we are.  

Remember there is no time in or reality other than that you make. The present is your gift so enjoy it.  Remember you can connect with me at any time by repeating my name three times and I will shower you with patience so you may greater enjoy your present know that everything happens in divine time.