Melchisedec - Love & Spiritual Awakening

This message from Melchisedec came through as a written message but I have recorded it for those of you who would prefer to listen.

Text of Message:

Welcome dear ones, I Melchisedec have important words for you on the subject of ‘Love and Spiritual Awakening’. What is spiritual awakening? Being spiritual is not about being able to communicate with us in the angelic realms, it is how you chose to live your lives. You are divine beings in human bodies and your ‘soul journey’ is to manifest that divine energy into your physical world. But what is divine energy?

All your religions throughout time and space have said that God is love, there is only love… but still you seek it. February is your month when you celebrate St.Valentines Day. Love gives you your greatest pleasure and often your greatest pain and this is the paradox you have chosen when you chose to incarnate at this time and place. You have chosen to live in a paradoxical world, where you can only know something by experiencing its opposite. As a divine being you know only unconditional love. As a human being you experience and know a whole range of emotions which you feel as physical feelings in your bodies. You could not know light if you did not know darkness. You cannot know love if you do not experience its opposite.      
You often assume that hate is the opposite of love but is it? As many have said before Love is a powerful energy and can  move mountains.  So many of you do so much in the name of love. Love is seen as a power for good. You seek it throughout your lives, yet it is always within each and everyone of you. Hate is often thought to be its opposite. It too is a powerful energy and can be used in any way you choose. Often to power revenge or destruction in some way. But is hate the opposite of love? They both  contain a magnitude of energy and it is that energy you then choose to use in either a positive or negative way. They are the same energy but used in different ways. In reality we say to you the opposite of love is ‘indifference’; when you care not for anything or anyone, including yourself. Transcending indifference and the conventional ideals of love, when you have reached acceptance, to a state where there is no charge of energy left, when you are at peace with everything - that is Love in its purest form.     
Because love is your nature you seek to experience it at every opportunity, yet you fear the loss of Love and this often consciously and unconsciously motivates your behaviours and your actions. But you cannot lose love. When it is freely given it is given, when it is received it is received, your experience can never be removed. How many times have you waited to see what someone else thinks of you before you decide to care a little. How often do you pretend indifference to make sure you don’t get hurt? How often have you pushed love aside and refused to experience it?  How often have you said  “I never cared anyway?”  These are all defenses to the pain you feel if/when you have not allowed love to enter your heart and your consciousness. As a soul you are one with everything, as a human you experience separateness and long for unity. So on an individual level you seek loving relationships with partners, family and friends to support you. On a collective level you need to bring that loving behaviour and experience to others.   
If you want to experience love and to live in a loving world then you have to allow yourself to love. To let love in and to experience love in your daily lives. But how do you live in a loving way? There are many forms of love. Love of yourselves, your families, your children, your jobs, of life, of your world in general. Many of you find it very easy to love unconditionally those who are less fortunate than yourselves. When there is a world disaster you feel the natural compassion and unconditional love for those souls who are affected. But when do you feel that compassion for yourselves. Those events make you very grateful for your own lives. So focus on that gratitude, feel that love rather than worrying about things that may not be to your liking. Enjoying the love in your present creates the reality of love in the present. For it is only the present you can experience. You all seem to find it so easy to love the collective unconditionally but loving each other and yourselves as individuals you find so much more difficult and yet the two are the same.
If you want to experience more love in your life you need to be loving now - in the present. To consciously choose a loving action rather than a revengeful re-action and thus manifest unconditional love and bring it into this physical world. Take a relationship between mother and daughter or father and son. Most of you will have experienced this in some way. The arguments start, the anger the frustration because ‘they’ cannot see your point of view, they ‘won’t’ and ‘don’t’ understand. As the argument continues each soul says things they don’t mean and start hurting each other, even though they love each other and just want each other to be happy, as long as they do it ‘their’ way. If one soul chooses to consciously stop the acceleration of anger and chooses to say, “Yes, I love you” the energy is shifted from anger, frustration, and hurt to acceptance and often joy and humour. You have this in your power at all times. Now in your northern hemisphere it is your time of early spring and seeds are being planted and beginning to grow, so collectively use this time to grow those seeds of love.