Lumiel on The Way forward - Jan 2013

Lumiel an angel of the new era has given us a message on "The Way Forward" and Living with Soul

Welcome dear ones, I am Lumiel and I am here to shine light on those dark spaces within releasing the need for you to be governed by fear and connecting you to your inner soul-selves so you may live from your soul-selves, ie 'Living with Soul'.  As you chose to create your lives through love and compassion and as you grow in light you will naturally

take responsibility for your own thoughts, words and deeds and come to love yourselves and all sentient beings. The energies released for your use now will give you the opportunity to enter into a time of great harmony, which exists beyond the confines of time and space, to connect to and grow your inner soul selves and return humanity to their original place as the essence of the Creator. To grow the soul energies of love, compassion, acceptance, grace, forgiveness etc. and create a personal world of peace, love and unity by making them a living reality for yourselves, your world and the cosmos.


The veils between the all the dimensions are thinning and we in the angelic realms are now able to operate from the higher choirs. Up until now we have been working from our lowest levels of energy furthest from source, from the third coir, as angels, archangels and principalities. We have been lowering our energies to levels you could assimilate. Just as a transformer will decrease an electrical current so as not to 'blow' a circuit then so we have been operating from our lowest energy levels to enable us to communicate with you in your third dimensional material world governed by fear and separation. Now many of your are able to connect to us at the 4th and 5th dimensional levels and at the energetic level of the second choir of Powers, Virtues and Dominions raising to the first choir of Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim as you raise your vibrations to see through the veils of the 6th, 7th dimensions and above.
As you chose to live more spiritual lives, manifesting those higher soul qualities into your world on a daily basis then so you raise your vibrations and that of the cosmos.  We in the angelic realms are here to assist you in this process and many channels around your world will be given many methods of raising your vibrations including this channel.

As you move forward through time over the next millennia your current scientific theories of multidimensional universes connected through a time and space continuum will become a psychic reality as you experience these dimensions for yourselves as you develop your spiritual practices which will enable you to continually raise your vibrations and your connections to us at the higher and higher levels as you continue your journey back to your true soul selves as the essence of the creator and your angelic selves.   

We are always here to assist you for as you call upon us then so together we can re-create the energies of source within yourselves, your world and the cosmos. You are the light and we will help you remove the veils and shine at your brightest.