Gabriel's message on Change (2011)

Before you read Gabriel’s message please allow me to tell you about something very relevant that happened to me a few years ago. I had taken a Stand at the Mystic Arts fair and myself and 3 colleagues had been giving free healing continuously over the weekend. It had been a wonderful experience. A week later I met another healer friend, Anne Jones, at the London MBS show and we agreed to give each other some healing before the show started. What we experienced was incredible.

It was like we were surrounded by 12 beings of light and they were all focusing energy through us and into the earth. It was like being hit by lightening but beautiful. Like all the energy that four of us had created the previous weekend was channeled directly into us all at once. The guidance we both received independently at that moment told that we were anchoring a new ray from the far side of the cosmos but that it would take time for this ray to establish itself and for us to just work with it and let it become part of our energy. (Which is what we have done.)   
Then at the end of last year, I received information through another channel (Fiona Murray of Elemental Beings), from Raziel, Archangel of Magic, to meditate at the time of the November full moon. Apparently I was needed to not only anchor but ignite Gabriel’s Brilliant Ray of Purity. As soon as the energy started coming through I recognized it as a more refined version from my earlier experience. I have also recently seen other references from other Angelologists and channels to this energy. For everything and nothing is unique and many lightworkers are needed to do this work - including you! Interestingly enough when I created my new range of sprays, essences and oils over the winter soltice I chose pure white crystalline bottles to create Gabriel in and then was told that particular blend needed to be included in all the others. Nothing is ever a coincidence even when we are not consciously aware of what we are doing the angels are working through us creating a whole out of the many individual pieces. But let me let Gabriel speak of it himself.

Gabriel's message on Change for 2011

Meditation to Connect to the Brilliant Ray of Purity.

Text to Gabriel’s Message:

Welcome dear ones, it is a pleasure to be with you and to bring you word from the angelic realms. I am Gabriel, Messenger of God. I am here to share with you some information of what is happening around you and to herald the changes that you can and will bring to your world. The ascension process is well underway and the planetary alignments heralding the new energies have taken place. We in the angelic realms would like to thank you all for the hard work you have put into 2010 and in examining and letting go of old fear based belief structures. We appreciate that this is an ongoing challenge but over the last 4 years all your work has enabled the anchoring or the higher vibrational purer energies of light. This channel and others around your world have been used to anchor, refine and grow these energies and they are now available to all.    
This, your year of 2011, is a year of building the strong foundations upon which the new world order shall be established. This will be a world of peace and harmony, of fruitfulness and love to all beings. The ray of brilliant purity is now being made freely available to you all. This ray will assist you in letting go of your remaining fears and building your individual foundation of peace within yourself and thus create the a new sense of peace in your world. It will help you connect to the divine creative force within each of you that sets the creative process in action. As you release and develop your own individual creative energy then so you co-create your world.
You may connect to this ray at any time as you wish. Whether you wish to connect to and release your creative energy, whether you wish to bring purity of thought, word and deed, into your being or to those of others. Whether you just wish to feel at peace within yourself this ray will enable you to do so.
It is recommended that you practice using the ray often so it becomes second nature to you. So when you are challenged by the paradoxes of life within your world then you will be able to use it instantly to regain your inner peace and thus continue to spread peace and harmony within your world.  
This ray will also release the hidden memories within your DNA of who you truly are as divine beings who have chosen to experience life in all its paradoxical wonders. As you let go of judging whether something is a good or bad experience it becomes exactly what it is and so the human race will raise itself to new levels of consciousness and begin the initiation process for the next golden age. As you already know the only way to bring changes to your world is to be those changes that you want right now. By using this ray you will not only bring yourself more in line with your true essence you will create the changes in yourself right now that will manifest in the new golden age for your planet.

Text to the meditation:

Meditation - Connecting To The Brilliant Ray Of Purity

So begin to focus on your breathing, for it is the breath of life that breathes the changes into creation.   With out it there is no creative life force and as creative beings it is you who create your reality. So connecting to the peace and love in your heart chakra begin to focus on your breathing, breathing in peace and love and breathing out peace and love. Breathing in peace and love and breathing out peace and love. Know that your world is your mirror and within yourself and your world you can find everything you need.
Imagine yourself on a mountain top, in some un-spoilt part of your world, looking down on snow covered mountains. See the purity of the snow, how clean and fresh it is. No footsteps no markings, no dirt,  just pure brilliant white snow flakes innocently sparkling like diamonds in the sunshine. Feel the fresh air as you breathe in that brilliant light, rainbow lights like diamonds, soft and fresh. Smell the freshness, the purity of the air that you breathe. Notice the snowflakes and how with the light shining on them they create that brilliant diamond rainbow light. Know that each snow flake is completely unique and individual just like you but notice how beautiful they are together. See how the light of the sun shines on the snow crystals creating the diamond rainbow light that shines from each flake that is you and reflects out into your world.
Breathe in this sight, this exquisite freshness, and beauty that is the essence of your own divine being. Breathe it into your heart chakra. Let it ignite the inner heart and let it spread from the inner heart into every cell every sinu every atom, molecule, photon and electron of your being. Notice how your body tingles and shines with the energy. Releasing ‘Adam Kadmon’ - the original, perfect human DNA within you. See this expand and grow as the beauty of this light spreads around your body, from your inner heart to your chest, your abdomen your shoulders, your arms,  through your hips and legs, and up and down to your hands, your feet and the top of your head. Feel it expand from your heart out and out into your body and out, out into your aura and out around the world with your breath. Now focus on this energy and watch it expand around yourself, your loved ones and the world.  See that pure crystalline brilliant rainbow diamond light spread out from your heart through your aura and out into the world.  With your will and intent send it to those places in your world that mean most to you;   your friends and loved ones, those people you have difficult relationships with, to your leaders, politicians, negotiators spreading and sharing these pure innocent feelings of peace and love, with everyone in your world, wanting nothing, sharing everything willingly, lovingly, peacefully. With All.   
Make this picture big and colourful, warm and wonderful create these feelings of awe and wonder, of joy and peace, of gratitude and love within your self. And share them with your world. Notice how you feel and anchor it into your being, into your heart so that whenever you wish to recreate these feelings within yourself and others you can just remember how you feel, you can see this picture in your heart and reconnect to it at any time. You can know that this is your divine being, pure, innocent, creative, and loving and you can bring this pure essence of yourself into your every day actions, into your every day thoughts words and deeds and as you do so know that you set that example and ignite the lights of higher purity within each and everyone. Blessed be the glory released within All.