Gabriel August 2012 - Energy

Welcome dear ones, we are aware of how many of you are feeling so tired during this time.  The energies on your planet are continuing to rise and this is taking a toll on your physical bodies, especially those of you who are particularly sensitive, as they adjust to the raising vibrations.  We have chosen this time to good effect for many of you will be having time to rest in the coming weeks.  If you take advantage of this opportunity to relax and let go or your worries and your fears, if you honour yourselves and your bodies then in a few of your earth weeks time you will again feel positive and energised.

gabrielFor some this ‘letting go’ is proving more difficult than for others.  Many feel the need to be making changes in their exterior lives rather than in their interior world of thought and feeling. If you feel this then remember that nothing can manifest in the physical world until it has been manifested on the emotional, mental and spiritual plains.

The changes you are creating in your world are happening and as the old falls away the new will begin to manifest in all parts of your world.  New leaders are beginning to find their way to the forefront of your governments and institutions.  Leaders who are driven by a need to help others for the good of the people rather than being motivated by personal power and gain.  It will take time for these leaders to influence those around them.  The older power driven institutions will give way to more community spirited leaders as the energies of peace love and unity rise around them. This process has begun and will continue into your future.

Out of the current economic downturn new communities will emerge with different and more holistic ways of living within your world. These are exceptions at the present but they will be modified and expanded over time and as they prove to be viable alternatives to current ways of being then so these ways of being will be adopted all over your world as your peoples come together in harmony and love.