Eth - Equinox March/April 2011

Archangel Eth Time & the Equinox March/April 2011

The meditation and an image of what you are creating in your heart chakra. Imagine as you are breathing in the light of the universal matrix it comes together in the centre of your heart and you are then creating it in your heart and breathing it out and joining it with everyone else’s beams of light.

The Message MP3 (text below)


Welcome dear ones, it is an honour and a pleasure to be here with you today to bring messages from the angelic realms for we are the messenger of light and love from the creative source and we connect to the energies within you of your soul creativity.

There are many messages at this time but I am Eth angel of Divine Time which is unlike your time. You have created linear time to assist you in your understanding of your growth and the development of your world and the universe and in your terms this has now become a reality, for you have created it. In the greater reality of the Divine there is no time. All time is taking place as we speak. Time spirals and you may connect to this at any moment that you choose. Time in itself is a dimension that spirals continuously and you may enter it at any moment that you chose. All that is, and has ever been and ever will be is there for you to experience and create in the now.
You have chosen to incarnate at this moment in time to assist in the ascension of your planet to a new and higher vibration. This is both a beginning and a return to the vibration of Source. Of the alpha and omega of all things.  
Your planet has its own journey within the greater experience of the universe. The greater expansion of the individual creates the greater expansion of the collective. This takes place firstly in the individual and later in the collective.
If you look to the history of your world you will see that in so many cases it is in the phase of the individual ego growth that the individual expands and seeks more land, more power, more control and oppression of others. This is then followed by the growth of apathy in the collective until it reaches expansion which then begins to recede and the individual elements of the oppressed collective join together to reclaim their own individual and collective energies. You can see this in your history, in the raise and fall of your civilizations around your world. It is like the breathe. You breathe in and you breathe out both of which is necessary to experience the duality and paradoxes that you as individual and collective souls have chosen to experience and to expand the experience of the sacred source.
Currently the expansion is in the creation of new and higher vibrations of love. Love is all there is. Love is the sacred source and therefore it could be seen as a return to love. A breathing in and returning to source, to the heart of all creation to the one. It is both a retraction and expansion.
In many parts of your world there has been a contraction in creative energy as the individual has been suppressed.   The individuals are now forming a collective that expands and expresses and uplifts the vibrations of love and creativity. There is a desire for a new way of being. This expansion can be seen not only in the political arena of your world but also in the natural.   The earthquakes and natural changes are again bringing individual souls to the aid of the collective to create new and better environments for themselves and others. They are bringing the individuals and the collective closer in line with the divine source energy within and without.
This process is releasing much trapped energy which many of you listening or reading this will be sensing.   For it is in the release of this energy that the transformation takes place. As the old, so called, negative energies are released then so they are transformed into the positive energies of love and compassion.   This is the paradox of your world.   One cannot exist without the other.
There are many of you who are very sensitive. You raise your vibration to the energies of light and you sense these energies being released by your planet. Part of your planetary role is the transformation of these energies through your own bodies. It takes time for the new energies to be absorbed, raised and transformed which is why many of you are feeling tired and listless right now. Why there are so many mood changes which are not a part of your usual being.   This will pass especially as you come to the point of balance.
The happenings within your planet both naturally and politically are taking place to allow free expansion of the human creative energy, thus raising the vibrations even higher. There are many things taking place and in all cases they are releasing energy.

In the golden age of Mu there was only divine light and no duality. In the silver age of Limuria the first choices of experiencing other energies were introduced and the light was slightly less brilliant.  In the bronze age of Atlantis energies drifted further towards experiencing greater degrees of darkness until now in the Iron age of your current world you have reached and experienced the extremes and are now returning to the light. The destructive element within the psychi  is transforming into the creative source. You are the individual creator destroyers of your personal and collectively of your collective world. You are right now bringing down the old destructive forces and creating something new out of the rubble of the old. In other terms out of the experience of the past comes a return to the new.
It is in the release of the individual energies which creates the changes and the creation of the collective choices to move forward to take back your free will.

In terms of the breath, you have reached the full exhilation and are now beginning the next in breathe.
You are souls who have chosen to live in the world of duality with free will and many of you are experiencing and recreating this balance of free will.
You have coming to you now the time of your planetary EQUINOX where your world balances between light and dark.  Where there is equal light and darkness all over your world.    This is a time that repeats twice in each of your yearly cycles but in the greater universal cycle it is in the NOW.   It is in the here and now that you make your choices.  At this time when your planet is in balance then so you are in a position to hold that energy within yourself and ask yourself in which direction do you wish to travel.  Towards the light or the dark. These are the choices you make unconsciously at every moment of your lives and now As you make this choice individually then so it is made collectively.
As you see in your world at present there are many choices towards the light at this time. As you make this choice individually to move further towards your soul energy and to express the energy of love and compassion and to seek redemption in the light, then so your individual personalities return to the light of your souls and then your world  returns to the light.
You can take advantage of this time to ritually express the return to this light and to expand your intention both individually and collectively. It is important individually to express the energies in your everyday life as often as possible and thus influence and create these energies within the collective. As you focus on bringing the energies of love and compassion into your everyday individual lives then so you co-create your world anew.  As you do so you change the resonance of your personal vibration and thus that of your world and across the many dimensions of the universe. We ask that you take this time to expand your consciousness raise your vibrations and expand the light within into the light without.
There are many meditations that you may use to join in the energies of this moment to send the energies of love and light to other souls and to other the parts of your planet. The individual souls making up humanity can and are drawing together and expanding the lightest sides of human nature.  Vibrations are being raised soul by soul and it is in the joining together that the vibrations are raised to a higher  polarity.  Each individual has its own parts to play and as you join together in groups so it is magnified.
At this time of balance you may bring together the energies of love and light and divine time so you individually and collectively assist in the transformation of your world. You may call upon me Eth angel of divine time to assist you in joining together. Your physical time is not divine time so you may join your energies as and when it suits you and by your intention and the invocation of my energy you will join with all others in the raising of the love vibration around your planet.
We ask that you simply set your intention and imagine the light of your sun and the angelic realms being breathed in through your crown and down to your heart centre. Also imagine the energy and love of your mother earth being breathed up through your root chakra and into your heart. When these two energies meet they join together in your heart chakra and ignite your higher heart and connect you to the source energy of all things. The energy of the divine within each and everything. Just imagine your this energy expanding from your heart in multi coloured spirals of love, compassion, peace, joy, expanding outwards every growing eve r expanding with each of your out breathes and with each of your in breathes this energy is expanded within you and expanded without you. As you do this, as this light expands around the world then so not only do the vibrations within your personal body rise then it will also clear the lower energies from your world and raise them up to the love vibration of the creator source. The more often you do this then the higher you will rise not only your own energies but also those of your collective selves as you create the world of your choosing.  May you rest in the love within and the love without.  May you fully experience the love and compassion of the creative source as you reflect it around your world.

Text of Meditation:

So relax and focus on your breathing – imagine yourself breathing in peace and love and breathing out peace and love.  Breathing in peace and love, breathing out peace and love.  Breathing out all negativity, all worries, all fears, all your daily problems, just breathe them out and see and sense them disappear. Put them into a basket at your feet if you wish you can pick them up later if you still want to do so but you don’t need them now. Just feel yourself relax and with every out-breathe you become more and more relaxed. Do this until you begin to feel completely relaxed and at ease in your body. Focus on your body, focus your attention on each part of your body and just check if and where you might be holding any tension. If so just breathe into this area of your body and see and sense the breathe easing and releasing all tension in all parts of your body, whether it be your feet, your  legs, your hips, your abdomen your chest, your shoulders, your neck  your face or your head, just breathe any area of tensions away until you are completely relaxed and at ease with yourself.

Now call in Archangel Eth, by calling his name three times

Archangel Eth, Eth of angelic light, Eth of divine time please be with me now to enable me to join my energies with all other soul energies who are apart of this planetary ascension to spread the energies of love and light and bring healing and ascension to myself and our world.
Imagine yourself being drawn into the universal matrix of becoming one with everything, and just see and sense every pore in your body being filled with the energy of the creative source within you and without you. Imagine yourself breathing that energy in through every pore in your body, every cell, every sinew. Every pore in your body is attracting a beam of coloured light, into itself and each coloured light is traveling through your body to your heart centre. Every beam of light is the light of love and light from other souls connecting through the universal matrix and sending their love and light into you and the rest of the world. Every individual beam of light is traveling into your heart centre and joining together in the act of creation.
As you breathe you are connected to all things and as you breathe you see and sense and create the balance within and without. Begin to sense what your role might be in this, the greater creativity of your world. What do you wish to create in your life, what is your contribution to the greater whole. Give yourself some time …………………………………………….. to breathe and with every in breath you are breathing in these beams of light and seeing and sensing them joining together in your heart centre and with every out-breathe you see and sense this energy poring out through your heart centre out into your world and expanding out into and around all the other souls of your world. See and sense this energy going to all the troubled parts of your world, to all your loved ones and out and out into the world, the planet, the solar system and the universe.  Stay in this energy as long as you wish ……………… and when you are ready come back gentle into your space.