Archangel Auriala - Dreams

Welcome dear ones.  I am Auriala angel of Dreams.  Many of you have dreams, dreams of who you want to be, what you want to do, but now you must dream of how you want to live, how you want to feel and what you want to achieve both for yourselves and your world.  For some your dreams feel to big, for others you can't see how they can ever be achieved and for others your dream may not as yet be in your conscious awareness.  But for those who are consciously aware, as you each take small individual steps to wards your goals then so you will change your world, both for yourselves and each other.

auriala-dreamsDo not get pulled down by the ‘How” or the “when”, surrender your wishes and your dreams to us in the angelic realms and we will ensure that you each fulfil your purpose and achieve your dreams in divine time.  Invoke my energy by calling upon my name 3 times and surrender the how, the when the where to me, for I will bring you everything you need at exactly the right time to ensure you make your dreams come true.

Many of you may feel you have created your dream life and may still wonder “is this all there is” or what is missing.  If this feels like where you are in your life right now then it is time to go deep into yourself and explore the spiritual side of your nature.  Examining who you choose to be and re-examining what is actually important to you. There are many teachers in your world who are there to assist and guide you including this channel.  

Many may say, “I don’t have a dream, I am happy, do I need one”.  These amongst you are already travelling their journey and will share this simple truth with others.  Happiness is now in the moment as you chose to create it with your own thoughts and feelings.

Beware of Ego leading to self-agrandisement thoughts of  ‘great’ things that you must achieve.  This is the energy that has brought your peoples to this point in time.  It is still strong within the individuals and thus your society but as you each recognise and let go of any arrogant tendencies within then so you will create a better world for yourselves and everyone as you continue to acquire the skills you will need on your soul’s journey.

Each and every one of you also has a responsibility to expand and experience life in this human lifetime. To create and contribute to the collective learning and experience of all.  You each are unique and have free will, therefore you will each do this in your own unique way and thus expand the knowledge and experience of the one.  Call upon me and we in the angelic realm will create the opportunities for you to 'Live your Dream'.