New Moon/Eclipse/Equinox 20th March 2015

What it all means and How to take advantage of this once in a lifetime unique combination of energies.

In a few days time we will be experiencing yet another combination of energies making this a very special time. In themselves they are not unique, after all we have 13 new moons a year and two equinoxes a year...

But this year not only do we have these two events taking place on the same day we also have an eclipse of the sun.

The last eclipse visible in the UK was 1999. This year it will be a 90% eclipse in most of the UK but I believe in northern Scotland it will be a total eclipse. Certainly the Eclipse of 1999 initiated many powerful and positive changes in my life.  I let go of so much of the past and literally was reborn in 2000 when I gave up the day job and focussed totally on my spiritual work.

New moons, of course, are energetically geared to starting new projects, and an eclipse is a time of rebirth, both of which involve being in the dark and usually not ‘knowing’. This is the domain of The Shekinah, the angel of the Divine Mother. March 20th is also the Egyptian Festival of Pelusia, with the Goddess Isis (Aset) Goddess of Fertility, working her magic to ensure the flooding of the Nile thereby guaranteeing a fruitful harvest.

polesshiftaxisSaturn will just have turned retrograde in Scorpio 14.3.15 - 13.8.15. Saturn is a hard taskmaster, it does, however, force us to confront and release all issues relating to authority. Scorpio’s influence makes us seek further and connect to our inner being and divine nature.

Pluto also turns retrograde in Capricorn on 16.4.15 - 24.9.15. This is a period of facing our individual and collective control issues. A time to re-evaluate what we value most. It makes us face our fears of letting go but with Capricorn’s more grounding influence allowing us to learn from history and let go without fear, for Pluto works with 8 to release karma. 

Jupiter the planet of vision and faith, bringer of Joy and good luck has been retrograde in Leo from 8.12.14 but is in the process of slowing right down ready to turn direct again on 8. 4.15. So in the last few months we have been encouraged to let go of the more material aspects of life and seek inner peace. We are being encouraged to think for ourselves and find more spiritual answers to our problems. As Jupiter comes out of retrograde in Leo we will be given strength and energy to focus on and connect to raising ever-expanding forms of higher truth and share a deeper connection with all. We will regain newfound confidence and strength but with a more spiritual clarity and direction.  

Think carefully back over the last few months of your life. What has been happening or not happening? Can you notice how these energies have been affecting you?

As we know this year is an 8 year which from a numerological standpoint will be collectively and individually assisting us in raising our self-confidence, self-esteem and allowing us to step into our personal power in all areas of our lives. 8 is also connected to finance, abundance, wealth and prosperity, so at last, if we work together, the world will come out of recession. 8 also encourages us to take responsibility for our choices, for our free will as it breaks down the barriers to transformation whilst it gives us clarity & courage to create our vision and transform our world for the better. 8 brings, peace, balance and harmony not only for ourselves but to our world. You can see from the above how these energies are coming together at this time to help us bring an end of conflict and to manifest peace, balance and harmony in our world today.  

It is, therefore, vitally important for light workers around the world to work together to take advance of all this celestial help. Therefore, my friend Joanna Bristow Watkins of Harmony Healing and I have created a fun course aimed at taking advantage of the combination of all these energies at this unique time to begin a new 6 month training course Creating Harmony & Balance. This is a fully supported training and you will receive the knowledge and experience of both of us.   

Mycenae lion gate detail dsc06384Over recent years, Sacred Spaces such as the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud and the Buddhas of Bamiyan have been destroyed by fractions seeking to spread chaos throughout or world. There are still road improvement plans  for Salisbury plain which have irrevocably affect the energy portal and leylines at Stonehenge and some tourism to sacred sites upset the energetic balance of our world. Every year Joanna  and I arrange private access to the stones to receive universal energies and channel the to the other sacred sites on our planet. This year it will be on the 8th of August, 2015 which numerological is 888. This is also known as the Lions’s Gate (see here for more details). Energetically we have to recreate and enhance these energy fields to hold our planet in balance and create Peace & Harmony in our world. If light workers won’t do it who will?  So join us at this particularly auspicious time of the : 

Equinox  when the world is in perfect balance, 

Eclipse encourages rebirth, 

Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter encourage us to release our individual and collective Karma, 

Isis (Aset)  the Egyptian Goddess of fertility and rebirth on the Festival of Pelusia, 

The Shekinah Angel of Rebirth,

New Moon brings us the energy of abundance and success. 

CBH 2015 small DSC00395So in this 8 year we have 8 specific energies encouraging and helping us on 20th March 2015, to continue the process of clearing our individual and collective Karma and Create Peace, Balance and Harmony to our planet. See here to sign up and download all the materials including meditations for the first part of this course.

See below what a student said in 2012 the last time we did a course of this type.

Testimonial Firstly I want to let you know how much I enjoyed the CB&H (Creating Balance & Harmony) course immensely and want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart for all the great work you have done. I feel I really have advanced and grown at different levels, some of which I wasn't even aware existed! A Dutch friend that has mentored me over the past years complimented me on the fact that I 'felt' so much clearer and lighter when she spoke to me over the phone. It was a clean observation as I had not mentioned to her that I was doing the course. I thought it was wonderful and will definitely be doing something else with you soon.