What's the Difference Between Spirit Guides and Angels

Spirit Guides are human energy and have had many lifetimes. They are wise loving people. They continue evolving on the spirit side by agreeing to assist us in our lives in whatever way they can. They offer guidance, inner knowledge and inner peace, love and wisdom, but they will not and cannot make your choices for you. You have free will. You are the creator of your life and only you can choose your path. They can help you reach your full potential. They can show you the direction of your life and help in many practical ways with achieving your Life’s Purpose in this lifetime.

Angels however are pure energy. They operate between the fifth dimension and beyond. Seven dimensions, seven heavens, are well recognised but the field of science and quantum physics is constantly changing and many people now believe there are an infinite number of dimensions. As such we need to raise our vibrations to connect to them.

We each have a Guardian Angel who is also here to help us but they are with us for “all” our lifetimes. Their purpose is assist us with our Soul’s evolution. But they cannot help us in anyway (except to save our life if it is not our time to go) unless we ask them to. There are many angels and they all have different energies and will bring different qualities in your life. You don’t need to know their names because they have had many through the ages, just the quality you want to bring into your life. You can ask for the angel of joy, or creativity, or forgiveness, abundance, or anything else you wish for.

Spirit Guides have differing experiences and responsibilities so although you’ll have one guide who is often referred to as the “doorkeeper”, you’ll also have other guides helping you with differing phases of your life depending upon your needs at any particular time, for practical, emotional, spiritual guidance.

Each individual’s soul growth depends upon wisdom and love gained during their many lifetimes and the vibrational level the person is operating at. As you raise your vibrational levels then so the vibrations of your guide rise too. You help each other in your evolution.

You can then also start to work with the higher guides and grand masters. The more experiences we have and the more we accept ourselves as we are and become the best that we can be, the higher our vibration goes.

We live and work in the third dimension. Our bodies vibrate at this level. When we relax, go into trance, meditate or sleep, the vibration of our body raises to the fourth dimensary level. This is where many spirit guides operate, and this is the level where most people’s loved ones are. It is the closest to us. As we deepen our trance and become more evolved as beings, we can access the higher vibrations such as the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions.

Within each dimension there are many differing levels of vibration, which is why you’ll sense the different types of energies of the different guides and angels.  If you want to connect to your own spirit guide and angels then go to our TRAINING PAGE.  As a beginner you will need the Fundamentals of Psychic & Spiritual Development Course which gives you a solid skills base to raise your energy to make the connection to your spirit guide.  Then you can progress to Connecting to Angels.  If you already have an established meditation practice and can manage your body's energy system then you can start with the Introduction to Mediumship module, or try the Journey to your Spirit Guide as a downloadable meditation.