The Parking Angel

Joylina used to be very skeptical about all of this and as for being frivolous and asking angels for parking spaces she thought it was a dreadful imposition when there were others who needed their help a lot more than she did for much more important things. But as she learned more and became aware of their energy and that they can be in more places at once, helping everyone she eventually was persuaded to give it a try.

They do say ask before you leave home but Joylina only ever remembered when she got there but she asked anyway. This is all you have to do. ASK, BE SPECIFIC, EXPECT (see it there just where you want it), SAY THANK YOU.

"Please angels if no-one needs it more than me, can I have a LEGAL parking space close to .......... ......".

Over the course of a few days she noticed how much easier it became to park and now she virtually always get a parking space. If she doesn’t it's because others need it more or than she does or she needs to park somewhere else for another reason known only to the angels. to see something else have asked for. As in the example in 6 top tips.

We stress the word LEGAL because we often found the disabled space was free or there was a space just where it was wanted but on a yellow line. You do need to be SPECIFIC.

Try it and see you have nothing to lose.