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As divine beings on a human journey of experience, and despite having chosen what is happening in our lives, we often feel cut off. At these times we are without direction and sometimes completely at a loss. By focussing on what we think in our minds rather than what we feel in our bodies we switch off from our soul selves and the higher nature of our humanity. This is compounded by our modern society and culture decreeing that we should plan and know where our lives are going – to control it at all times. We are then under even more pressure to seek guidance and reassurance that we are 'getting it right'.

are-u-switched-on-wb-venusian-angel copyBut to whom can we turn? We ask family, friends, those we respect and those we feel have experience of our current circumstances. But like us, they too are often ‘cut off’. Their solutions are not necessarily going to suit us and both their and our past experiences may not be what is needed for our future. However we do live in an age were quantum physics and other sciences are verifying much of what metaphysicians, shaman and other great teachers such as Lao Tzu and Buddha have already communicated. In Professor David Hawkins latest book he speaks of '11 Dimensions interwoven within space and time' and infers there are probably many more. Science tells us the vibration of the planet has been measured and has been recorded as rising and rise becoming more rapid every year. The veil between these dimensions is thinning and more people are able to sense the other realms across this divide. Perhaps here our higher selves, our divine essence, resides. Many religions speak of life after death in some form or other and the similarity of people's Near Death Experiences from different cultures and backgrounds around the world in recent years gives evidence to this. So perhaps our passing in this life is simply an exchange of form that then exists in another realm. And communication between these realms could hold the key to our current unbalanced, unhappy human experience.

And this is where ‘channelling’ comes in. Trance Mediums are the popular ‘commercial’ face of this type of communication. They are people who allow themselves to be used as a ‘channel’, ‘mouthpiece’ or interpreter for the energies or spirits of these other realms. By being able to relax their mind and body enough, a discarnate spirit is able to communicate through them. This can sometimes mean that the medium's physical features may change, or their voice may change as a spirit enters their body and speaks through them, whether it be a deceased loved one, a Spirit Guide, an Ascended Master or even non-human energies such as Angels.  Alternatively channelled information can come through as ‘Automatic Writing’, where a medium's pen seems to have a mind of its own and information is channelled that way rather than through voice.

But being receptive to such communications is not purely a reserve of the select few. It is a practice that can be re-taught (as it was a common part of our once highly evolved intuition). By developing your channelling abilities you are able to tap into these higher energies by engaging your own higher self, the more divine side of your nature. In so doing, you can once again draw on the qualities of courage, peace, love, compassion and unity which we often believe but only give lip service to. As you develop your channelling abilities you are able to tap into those energies within yourself and others and express them more often and more easily. You can tap into the energies of disincarnate spirits such as deceased loved ones to give comfort and reassurance to those who are suffering from uncertainty and the grief of loss. You can tap into the energies of spirit guides to bring comfort and guidance to yourself and others. We each have a spirit guide whose purpose is to help guide us intuitively through this lifetime, seeking and sharing the experiences we have chosen and bringing some form of learning to ourselves and each other. We can also raise our vibrations higher still and bring loving guidance from the angelic realms which are closer still to Creator/God's source energy. You can receive the unbiased guidance, untainted by personal experience and misinterpretation to enable you to reconnect to the divine source within you and live a peaceful, loving, compassionate, courageous life in the inner certainty that what you are doing and where you are going are just right for you.

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