Angels – What are they?

Angels – What are they?
Angel Raziel

Angel illustrations on the site by kind permission of the artists Adrian Holland and Walter Bruneel.

Angels have been around since time began. Angels are energy; they dwell in the fifth dimension and above and their vibrational frequency is higher than humans who live in a third dimensional world. This is why we can’t see them. We usually see them as shifting orbs of colour rather than humanoid with wings.

They are genderless beings, made up of an equal balance of male and female energy. They are completely androgynous, which is why some people experience them differently, some as male, others as female. They resonate unconditional love. They have never incarnated in human form and they never will. Neither will we ever become angels (with two exceptions Enoch and Elijah). This does not stop angels using humans to do things for them, which is why we often see people as angels. “You’re an angel,” we say as someone helps us. As we develop and become more aware of our spiritual selves our vibrations rise and we can begin to connect to our spirit guides and angels.

There are so many angels. There is an angel for everything. As many angels as our imaginations can create. They represent archetypal energies. They have been around so long and been called so many different things in so many cultures and languages, I don’t think it matters what you call them. As long as you know the quality of the energy you are asking for in your life, the appropriate angel will come. You can call the Archangel of Healing, Communication, Creativity. You don’t have to remember their names.

We each have our own guardian angel who is appointed to watch over us, look after us, journey with us throughout our many lifetimes. We have the same guardian angel though all our incarnations. This angel knows us inside out, our strengths, our weaknesses, our soul essence. We can keep nothing from them and they love us unconditionally. They hold the overview of our soul’s journey through the many lifetimes we lead. They are with us from the time our soul incarnates until it should decide to stop journeying or when it rejoins the Source. You and your guardian angel can ask all the other angels to assist you as and when you need them.

People usually sense angels and guides but some will also see them in their mind’s eye, or hear them as a voice in their head. You may also encounter them in dreams and in meditation. Sometimes they appear as golden, silver or violet orbs of light in your peripheral vision, darting quickly across space. Angels evolve by serving humans so you are helping your life. Universal Divine law says angels can’t help us unless we ask them to so you do have to invite them in and ask them for assistance and guidance. You also need to listen to their answers. Asking them is easy, you just pray. Angels read what’s in your heart not what’s in your mind so as long as you are praying from your heart you will be heard. Hearing their responses is more difficult and they come in many ways, during meditation, in music, as a message read in magazines or books, or encounters with people.