Angels of the New Era

These are the archangels we know and love connecting to us at the higher vibrations of the upper choirs of the Angel Hierarchy as well as many new ones. (see A-Z of Angels for information on the individual angels).

Up until now we have been working with the angels at their lowest level of power. At their furthest level from source energy. Their energies in the 3rd coir of angels as angels, archangels and principalities. They have had to drop their energies to be able to communicate with us here in this material 3rd dimensional world because our vibrations have been governed by so many of the lower energies such as fear and separation.

Now as we move into the new age the planets, numerology as well as the angels are helping us 'let go' and we can now raise our energies to meet them at the higher dimensions and vibrations of Thrones, Cherabim and Seraphim.

As we chose to live more spiritual lives, manifesting those higher soul qualities into our world on a daily basis then so we raise our vibrations and that of our whole world. There are also other methods of raising our vibrations and doing our own healing such as Higher Dimensional Healing and connecting to angels via Your Angel Journey and Releasing your Inner Angel.

As we move through this time of change we will be able to connect to the angels from their higher roles as Powers, Virtues, Dominions, Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim.

Dr. Stephen Hawkins talks of multidimensional universes, connected through the time space continuum, and have currently identified 11 dimensions although he believes there are an infinite number of dimensions within an infinite number of universes all connected through the time space continuum because everything is ONE. What we do know is that Angels and other divine beings live in other dimensions and universes as well as our own.

I doubt whether it is hierarchal, as we understand it, and I suspect the higher our vibration goes the easier it is to connect to "all that is" which can be too big a concept to cope with but the 9 levels of angels, which were divided up over 2000 years ago into the three choirs are believed to get progressively closer to the divine creator source which is present at all dimensions. Or is this just too simple.

Perhaps the dimensions are all the same and it is just the vibrations, which change. Either way we can elevate our vibrations to the higher levels and connect to the angels in new ways.

This is not an exact science so if what is said here resonates with you then accept it if not feel free to reject it. Much has been written about angels across the ages and very little of it agrees. In each age and in each society the angels have been given different names and responsibilities depending upon the beliefs and culture of the time. I feel names are nothing more than labels and as such labels change. An angel will have a different label in English and in French, Italian, Chinese, etc., but the archetypal energy they represent stays the same.

Discover for yourself how to assimilate the new vibrational changes and open your 5th dimensional heart chakra. The angelic realms are moving up a gear from the third choir to the second and first. Discover which of the new angels are assisting you and what you need to do next live a more spiritual life and play your part in co-creating the next golden age.

Science and shamans alike tell us we are all "one being" one universe, we are ONE just different facets of the same. We are all made of the same molecules that make up the whole of the universe and as such we are connected and therefore our beliefs our energy influences everything around us as everything around us influences us.

The names I use are those recognised today but remember it is the qualities those names represent that are most important.