All Change - What the Angels Advise (part two)

Prediction Magazine January 2013
Spiritual Life coach and angel expert Joylina Goodings explains what a future with the angels’ influence has in store for us and explains what we can do to make the most of it in these exciting times…

prediction-jan-13-all-change-smallAt this time we have the knowledge and the ability to create a better world for ourselves and our planet and because everything is interconnected for the rest of the cosmos. The year 2013 embodies the symbol of parental love, focusing on loving and caring for friends, family and our immediate community, seeking to create an environment of peace and harmony. As we move into 2014 were our search for ‘truth’ means major revelations will happen on both personal and global levels. The desire for wisdom sees through the illusions of the past, paving the way for a time of balance and equality. It is the great Karmic equalizer, we will reap what we sow. Again we have the opportunity over the next few years to take a giant leap forward for humankind to become more conscious and tolerant and make ourselves ready for an era of peace in our world in 2017. And once again the Angels are here to help us.

 Angels of a New Era

Haniel (Chamuel) holds the energy of unconditional love and can help us to unite the lower chakras with the energies of the upper chakras.

Metatron & Shekinah Uniting the inner masculine and feminine energies to raise everyone’s vibration to the 5th dimension and creating a pathway to the other dimensions via the flower of life and sacred geometry (see meditation).

Eth governs the time space continuum, allowing us to bend time in order to send our energies back and forth across time, healing the past to enable a more spiritually, loving, harmonious present and future to manifest.  As our vibrations rise and the veil thins between the dimensions Eth’s energies will become more a part of our world, the ideas around ‘time’ will evolve and mature.

Archangel Raphael the great ‘healer’ will be working with Eth across the time space continuum, bringing new understanding to the fore. As our scientific knowledge continues to expand it will come more and more in line with Shamanic wisdom and ideologies. The result will be a merging of technological and intuitive capabilities, expanding the way we deal with and mange medical, ecological, and social challenges.

Archangel Lumiel will no longer be required to constantly remind us of our misgivings, the mirror Lumiel hold up to humanity can be put down in order to help us shine light on those dark spaces within so we may grow in light by taking personal responsibility for our own thoughts, words and deeds and thus the collective, releasing the need for us to be governed through fear but through love. The transformation of Lumiel’s role will be incredible and the energy released for our use will be life changing.

White Heart Meditation   
Relax, focus on taking even and full breaths. Now say, ‘Haniel, Haniel, Haniel, angel of unconditional love please be here and assist me to raise my vibration to the 5th dimension and strengthen my connection to the angelic realms.’ Then with your next in-breathe, imagine drawing up the silver earth energy from the ground through feet, legs and lower torso into your heart chakra to form a silver ball of light there. Now focus on breathing down from the heavens the golden energy of the universal creator, through your crown and into your heart forming a golden ball of light in your heart chakra. Sense the two balls of light merging in your heart. Next focus on each of the balls of energy of your chakras and pull those balls of energy into your heart chakra, with each in breath. Allow each of the balls of light into your heat and see a rainbow of light form. Now watch from the very centre you sense a pure white ball of light emanating from your 5th dimensional heart chakra expanding into a pure white flower of life in your heart and as you breathe out this flower of life in your heart expands and grows bigger and bigger and expands out around your body, your aura, your room, your house, your neighbourhood, your country and around our planet.  Ask Eth, Eth, Eth, angel of the time space continuum to send this energy all around the planet and the universe across all dimensions of time to bring peace love and unity to ourselves, our world and the cosmos.  Sense this energy growing and joining with the energies of every person and the Creator of all.  Rest in this energy for as long as you wish.


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