11.11.11. A Message of Peace & Unity

The female manifestation of God in man

As a conduit for the angels and soul coach I often receive messages from the angelic realm to pass onto my clients and sometimes I am privileged to receive messages for all of us. Harnessing peace from ‘Shekinah’ (known as the Bride of the Lord) is one such message which I would like to share with you as it has particular significance for 11th of November.

Shekinah represents the ‘hidden feminine’ and with Metatron seeks to bring balance and unity to humanity. Her first reminder is that we are all parts of the Whole – all elements of the Source, the energy that animates all matter into life. We have an integral part to play in the creation of our world and the way we wish to experience our lives. The separation we have felt since our conception is not our natural state of being, but has been necessary in order to fully appreciate the beauty of unity – of our part in God’s creation.

At this time when humanity is lifting its energies out of the separation and into unity, out of personal greed, power and self-absorption and into the collective well being of all then so we draw to us the higher vibrations available within our solar system and the Universe. As we pass the band of the galactic equator and align with the centre of our galaxy then so the central energies of Source once more become available to us. Ours is a spiralling galaxy and as we complete each circuit of the spiral so we change. Everything is evolving and as part of the one living organism this is as it must be.

How we experience these events is entirely of our choosing. We have free will which allows us to create our individual realities and thus our collective reality. At this time there are many forces coming together to aid in this quest, particularly the 11 Energies that bring new beginnings and unity to all. These energies have always been with us, but are now magnified many times over. We may utilise these energies to bring peace and unity for ourselves, our families, our nations, our planet, our galaxy and the Universe. As we connect to these energies and bring them into ourselves at this time then so we create a unified whole.

The process has already begun and has been taking place for many years but now we have the opportunity to ground the energy in our world, on the material plane as well as in the astral plane. In so doing we will raise our planet in to the next level of creation. As we take personal responsibility for our thoughts, our emotions and our behaviour then we become a beacon of knowledge for others to follow. As 11.11.11 approaches we will be able to ground the enlarged portal of unifying energy. Know that the higher energies are with you and that you may call on their help in all things. Know that you can release the burden of separation and once again become one with all whilst experiencing yourself as a unique part of the whole.

Meditation: Connecting to Shekinah

Connecting to the 11.11.11. energies with Shekinah.

Do this meditation anytime on the 11.11.11 setting the intention join with everyone at 11 minutes past eleven to ground these peaceful unifying energies at the macro level in yourself, our world and the universe. If you can create a relaxing atmosphere with music, candles, incense or oils.  Make sure they are safe.

Focus on your breathing, breathing in peace and love and breathing out peace and love. Imagine putting all your problems in a basket at your feet. Do this for a few moments until you feel completely relaxed. Then when you are ready with one deep breathe imagine roots growing out of your feet into mother earth. With your in breathe breath in the earth energy up to your heart and then breath it out up into the universe.  Imagine it joining with the 11.11.11. energies from the universe and breathe that into your heart and out into the earth. Imagine the energy going all the way round the world enlarging and strengthing the leylines.  Get into a nice even rythym.  As you breathe imagine two symbols of light growing in your heart, one represents your internal masculine energy and the other your internal feminine energy. When you feel ready imagine The Shekinah, as a diamond bright crystal ball of light coming down from the universe down through your head and into your heart. Imagine your heart opening to receive this divine feminine energy and sense it seeking out and joining with your internal masculine and feminine energies.within your own heart. Sense them unifying and bringing peace, unity and balancing into yourself and see and sense this energy going round the world bringing peace and unity to our world.  Continue this as long as you wish.